Talent to replace pets?

Hey everybody,

A quick idea/wish that I had for quite some time. I wonder if other shaman would be interested in such a talent. If enough are interested, maybe Blizzard would fancy the idea.

The reason is simple really, I'm not fond of the pets. I've been playing shaman since vanilla (not on that toon, it was in the US), and we didnt have to bother with them before. I mean, not a huge deal, they are on CD, and we dont have to manage them all the time.
Still, I'd rather go back to being pet-less. I rolled a shaman because I loved the units that inspired them back in w3. Having pets wasnt part of that

So, what about a talent that turns them into a buff instead of a pet? We have one that makes them powerhouses, a talent to allow the opposite would be welcome in my mind. Something named "inner spirits" or something.

They could turn into permanent buffs that you dont have to manage, or remain as CD, either way.

Fire elemental would boost your fire damage in a way or another. Maybe no CD and increased damage on Flame shock for the duration? Lavaburst could do aoe damage around its initial target? Or during the duration, you can cast a new fire spell (scorch like) while moving? I mean, we just have to find a good idea.

Earth elemental Would grant some powerful defensive buffs for the duration. Increased armor, health, and threat generation? Maybe a buffs to earth spells within that time frame, and added aggro on those (earth shock/earthquake/rockbiter/Sundering/earthen spike)? Protection against interrupts in that time?

Storm elemental could grant the same exact buff it gives you right now, maybe with added ability to cast lighting bolt while moving?

Well you get the drift. Those are changes that are more for the "theme" of being petless, rather than to fix the problems shaman have right now. But since we're being worked on, might as well think about it at the same time.

Note : I'd like it to be a talent, because I'm sure a lot of shaman LOVE their elementals, and I wouldnt want to take that away from them, at all. I'm...just not one of those :/
Lastly, excuse my lacking English, not my native language.
I'd be happy to lose the elementals tbh. I rolled this shaman back in vanilla, just before TBC launched, and I've never been overly enamoured with the things since they were introduced. At least back then they weren't considered an integral part of our dps, since their 10-minute c/d meant the were basically a panic button. Nowadays Blizz actively penalize our base damage to account for a fire ele popping every couple of minutes.

Remove them from baseline, buff all our direct damage abilities by 10% or so to compensate, and then just unlock controllable Elementals as permanent pets if you take primal elementalist (remove the 80% power buff since they have full uptime, but let them keep their extra spells). If shamans want to play as a pet class, let them play as a pet class all the time; if they don't, don't force them to rely on gimped pets for 10% of their damage output.
Id actually love if they improved them, if they were to stay.

Id like to have feral spirit back, with normal control bar and even make them permanent.

You say you like petless shamans from W3, while I love farseers and Thrall who could summon wolves xD ...

But in their current state they are really boring ..
I was thinking more about the elementals, not the spirit wolves, but why not. Have the option to have them be permanent, or not.

And you're right! I was thinking more about the shamans in W3, but I forgot about the farseers! Elemental with spirit wolves, now you got me thinking!
I'd be more interested in Primal Elementalist talent making Earth Elemental pernament. Hear me out:

The talent would allow us to:
- Have base form of Elemental pernamently
- By using the Earth Elemental ability it would be upgraded to the current tallented version.
- Using Fire Elemental ability would engulf it in Fire/Storm giving it current talented Fire elemental abilities & AOE fire/storm dmg aura on top of base + spawn two lesser fire/storm elementals beside it.

It's stupid Frost Mages have pernament Water Elemental, and spec about Elements is having them just for limited time. I love pets, in contrast to OP.
On the contrast in the same row, a talent to be elemtals-less would be good option too.

Instead of summoning elementals we would be kinda "possesed" by them for the time being when abilities used granting us extra abilities (dmg reduction in case of Earth Elemental and extra fire AOE spell and range auto-attack).

Would not only allow for futher customization of gameplay but would expand futher the fantasy of master of the elements!

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