[H] 362 Ret paladin LF raiding/M+ guild

Twisting Nether
I looking for a mythic raiding guild and a guild that does regular M+ runs (high keys). I have a working mic and can use teamspeak, discord for voice comms. I am dedicated and active.

My raid times are very flexible so I could quite easily fit into any schedule.

Feel free to add me if you have any questions. jAck3d#2214
Hey Lasin, if your still on the look out, Our guild Risen is looking for a few more players to push some keystones with us as most of our members are here to be casual or just to raid.
There are a few of us here with fairly high score (A few 900+ IOs)
If your interested then please leave me a message at Connor#2509 or add my discord, Cowabunga#8270!

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