How do i follow the pvp-meta?

Pet Battles
Hey, so the title says it rly.
I found that most sites i have found just try get 100 wins with a team or something similar or is out dated. Was wondering if there is any resourse where i can se stats on Pet battles? Or just a site that updates whats good right now and so on.. All this is regarded to pvp.

Thanks in advance
That's a real tricky one Mangoraya.

Firstly there have been over 100 new pets added recently and some of the older more powerful pets have been nerfed. The Meta, rarely well defined anyway for pet battles, is therefore not really fixed at all currently. Added to this there are still a lot of players trying to get achievements with same family teams and the pool of players you will find yourself in when joining the que will be different from player to player.

I would say your best bet would be to just play some games and keep a note of the teams you are facing (Or better yet use an add to do that for you) That will give you a much better idea of your own meta than any guide could ever provide.

For Some individual pets that will make decent team members in your PvP line up I would recommend checking out Rosqo's list on Xu-Fu's website. There are lots of other pets not included that also make great battlers but this list will give you a really good place to start.
This isn't Hearthstone or some other game where people posts lots of setups and discuss strategies, the number of people playing is too small for that. So I wouldn't care too much about the meta, you can figure it out on the go. Just queue with whatever, get your !@# handed to you, try to counter, get your $%^ handed to you by a different setup that you happened to get, try to counter / somehow deal with both setups that beat you, repeat for some time. Then watch some YT videos (search for 'wow pet battle pvp' or something like this and click videos with dates for BFA) and go fight some more. If you feel like nothing you try works, post here and people will suggest setups and tell you how to play them. Or just copy the setups that beat you. It's not difficult.

Your main enemy is the battles being not super-varied, so try to have fun while you figuring things out.
If you wanna get farmed a whole lot then just use random teams a whole bunch. You’d eventually work out what pets are good and bad but it would be super long. Depends what you want to get out of it though? I win 80-90% of games but many players are happy with 50% ratios.
The tier list that has been mentioned is a good starting point which will allow you to learn your own favourite strategies.
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Know yourself: First find a team that you are comfortable with, or that you will become comfortable with. It does not have to be composed of specialist pets. PvP largely consists of having options to deal with different situations, and being tricky about them. Some pets are better for that than others, and so have a good place in PvP.

- Pets that swap your opponent's pets, or yours, help disrupt his plans.

- Avoidance keeps you out of the way of his nukes

- Big hits nullify his shields

- Weather takes his potential weather advantage away from him

- Speed means you get a stun or dodge in before he does his thing

Know the enemy: When you see the opposing team, is his plan immediately clear to you? If not, you will learn from this battle. Take that opportunity.

As Mellinora says, YouTube is a good resource for information in terms of understanding. Legion videos, anything in the last two years, will be just as useful as BfA ones to you, since BfA hasn't produced many videos yet, if you ignore Bone Serpent and Teroclaw, which took the big nerfs.

The three YT channels with most battles, I believe, are
- Discodoggy
- Rosqo
- Llennoca

As for "outdated", the following pets have been nerfed seriously, so ignore them for your purpose:

- Graves
- Bone Serpent
- Teroclaw Hatchling

There have been other changes, but those three were hugely dominant in their day, but we rarely see them now.

You are talking about Family Brawler. Rosqo has a video suggesting some teams here:

You may not use the exact teams, but look at why each pet is used in each team. What's its purpose? What's its specialty? What is it designed to counter? Most of the best pets for each Family are in those teams, along with some niche ones.
Thanks all for the great replys!

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