Balance of Power

When should a casual, yet not entirely terrible, player such as myself be able to solo the Balance of Power quest chain for the artefact appearance?
You could just join one of the 5000 transmog runs every week people do to the raids, the dungeon parts have been easy to solo since Legion
I guess you can spec protection and just solo the raids.
Here is an update no one asked for:

All went well, even in ret, up until nighthold. Spellblade needed prot but star augurer turned into a brick wall. I might try to find a small group to run it with when I have the energy. =(
star auger has 99% damage taken reduction if the add is near him.

boss wont move though. take 1 range without to dps him down in p3 and you should be fine. just tank the add at the edge of the room and dont look at him when he casts.

or kill the add first
25/09/2018 14:37Posted by Shumensko
I guess you can spec protection and just solo the raids.

Raids in Legion are still not soloable,
Cheers Shumensko (nice name with a meaning and a taste, here in Bulgaria :))
I only see concealed QQ.

Make some effort, create group specifically for it, join mog runs, or something else.

It can be done quite easily. Not all things in this game need to be soloable.


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