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30/09/2018 12:54Posted by Silverlance
Flying, the biggest mistake introduced to the game, destroys a lot of the game,

Players like you destroy the game by defending such terrible decisions done by Blizzard.

30/09/2018 12:54Posted by Silverlance
makes the world feel dead most of the time, people just flying up in the air, fly to where they need to be and land there, then up again, people stops running around on paths stuff like that.

That's the point of flying, fly up in the air and land on the spot you want to be. Funny enough, I've never seen this "dead world" you people keep talking about, every place from MoP zones and onwards are pretty much populated. Only low-mid level leveling zones seem empty and that has nothing to do with flying, those zones are empty because leveling is mind-numbingly slow and boring now, which is another terrible decision on Blizzard's part.

30/09/2018 12:54Posted by Silverlance
Flying will also destroy world pvp, again. Flying is one of the biggest world pvp died in t he beginning, introducing flying again now when they are actually trying to get world pvp back into the game will just kill it.

Flying didn't do a thing to world pvp. World pvp is dead because of the lack of interest, nothing more. People who aren't interested in world pvp used to be stuck on PvP servers for various reasons are also opting out of it now thanks to warmode.

Besides, there already is an item in the game that allows players to dismount other players on their flying mounts. That alone confirms that flying will be allowed for both warmode and non-warmode players.
It's stupid really considering all the new flying mounts and you can't use them in BfA

I have want to fly to do WQ faster

Plus levelling an alt will be so much easier if I can get whizz around
That someone does NOT enjoy wasting time of his life ground snailing my way towards the content that i am actually interested in? I want to spend my time RAIDING, not on my way TOWARDS the raid

Madam, you make my day!

If you want to spend your time snailing somewhere on the ground, have fun, there is a vast amount of ground only mounts to your choosing. But don't force me to do the same.

This! Blizzard is forcing paying customers to play the game their way.

14/09/2018 17:46Posted by Varileztra
Yes, WoWs pathfinder is a lost cause. Because it is garbage. FFXIV did it in a decent manner. Finish the questline of the zone, do a little exploring to find the rest of the aethers, have fun flying in that zone now.WoW? "Ok, finish all these storylines, then spend weeks of additional rep grinding, days of WQs and this arbitrary content and that arbitrary content and then wait for an additional half a year, until the rest arbitrary and trivial content is released, so that you can FINALLY unlock that bloody option, that should have been an option to be unlocked from the beginning.

I second this from the Bottom of my heart. It is just a method to keep subs running longer. Or, so Blizzard tries ^^
Here's the thing: Being grounded actively impedes my enjoyment of the game now, mainly because with each passing expansion it becomes harder and harder to deal with.

The environments get bigger, prettier, more elaborate, but they also become harder and harder to actually get around now. Zandalar is a beautiful zone until you realise what a pain in the !@#$ it is just to get form A to B. Sheer drops are everywhere, scenery clutter means I often can't see where I'm going, and just finding a path toward your objective feels like a course in orienteering. Combine that with getting dismounted every five seconds due to mob density and you have a recipe for frustration. Particularly these days, when one of the main focuses of the game is slogging away at world quests and you just want to get them done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In fact, I can't help but get the sneaking suspicion that zones were designed to be this way, that the frustration factor is just another way to keep people trapped in the rep grind for a bit longer. Whenever I unlocked flying again in past expansions, it wasn't an achievement, it was just a relief. I could finally get the chores done quicker and do something I actually bloody enjoyed. I could PLAY the game again.

You can call me entitled if you want, but I didn't add flying to the game. That genie was let out to the bottle long ago, and there is no way in hell you can put it back in again. And as for the pvp aspect? Most war mode players ignore each other on my server; they're in it for rep bonus, not for the pvp.

Let. Us. Fly.
I love flying, we have to live with the compromise of flying gated behind a patch (and achievement). I much preferred the old method of reach max level and buy it but those days are gone. At least you only have to do it once and then all your chars can fly.

Flying is amazing immersion in the game. I love soaring in the skies, exploring from above, getting to take some beautiful screenshots of places. I love being in control when I travel from one place to the next not having to adhere to the flightpath set out by a flightmaster.

When we get flying via the old method or current method, I've done all my exploring on the ground. I've visited every nook or cranny and it's time to go to the next level.

Flying has existed in the game longer for more expansions than it was without flying. It's just part of the game. Some will never like it but it's not going to go away. Gating flying behind a patch is the compromise between the two viewpoints.

Those who say flying circumvents content/mobs clearly don't want to recognise that this kind of skipping exists already. You can just keep running on a mount and not engage the mobs and you will lose aggro. You can use barding or be in tank spec or mounted on someone who is in tank spec to avoid the dreaded daze mechanic.
30/09/2018 14:06Posted by Punyelf
dreaded daze mechanic.

That's one thing I forgot to mention in my post. I absolutely hate daze mechanic, its a stupid and outdated mechanic that has no place in modern WoW. It doesn't make the game harder or more challenging, all it does is being an annoyance in zones that are overcrowded with mobs.
30/09/2018 13:05Posted by Shortbolts
30/09/2018 12:54Posted by Ersuon
This is stating the obvious though, besides I play a druid I can play as any of those roles on one class, as you stated the reason I level an alt is because I want to play something different this has no relevance to weather I can fly or not.

So, you're telling me, from level 110-120 you played all 4 specs? Or did you just stick to one? Just because a druid can BE all 4 specs, doesn't mean you experienced it with all 4 specs. Did you experience dungeons with all 4 specs as well? Cause those are all different as well.

30/09/2018 12:54Posted by Ersuon
So should we gate land mounts behind a form or pathfinder as well, cause god forbid we get something for nothing ?
Get everyone walking places and whilst we are at it take away the flight whistle as well cause that's just making things far too accessible for people.

Remove the Whistle, I don't give a damn. I rarely use it anyways. But removing land mounts would just be stupid. How the hell are land mounts and flying the same thing? On a land mount, you STILL experience the world, whilst flying you avoid it completely.

My argument to NOT have flying yet is because it allows people to experience the world properly. Having land mounts does not stop you from experiencing it, where as having flying does.

Yes I am telling you during my leveling I swapped specs, Feral to level with and Healer to do dungeons, I did go bear for some tougher world content that I couldn't do on my Feral.
Now that I'm at end game I switch between Balance and Resto for dungeon content. (the whole part of playing a druid is it's multiple role aspects)

You are being ridiculous.
Saying you don't experience the world once you have got flying is ridiculous as the whole levelling process forces you to do this anyway, you have to do the whole levelling process, map completion and quest completion to get flying. (there is no need to add on rep completion and more rep completion)

People mentioning how flying ruins the economy may have not realise but herbs/ore and other gather materials are at an astronomical price because the supply and demand is so off kilter (in comparison leather is almost worthless because it is so easy to obtain), being able to gather more herbs actually brings down the cost.
Making flasks and runes for raiding is so expensive right now its absurd.
So many saying flying makes the game worse, but looking at the facts, it seems that expansions that have flying from max level was the 'best' expansions with many subs

Ever since WoD it seems WoW have been bleeding subs, and funny enough its the same time we don't have flying from max level anymore

Maybe blizzard should try max level flying again and see how that goes with subs

Just to be clear, I like to fly, so I might be a little biased, but it still looks like the non max level flying expansions have done worse, than most max level flying expansions

Pathfinder should not take 1 year to be avaiable in the game, i think 3-6 months is max wait time, i personally will do much less in the world without flying, and i believe im not the only one. meaning the world will be less populated at world quests / quests / points of interest, almost no one stops on a path and say hi to anyone for fun anyway, they will be on their way to... you guessed it.. points of interest

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