What I have to buy to play wow?

Hey, I'm asking what should i buy to play, it's not for me obv but for friend and I'm interested if is it enough to buy Battle For Azeroth and then gametime. Or I have to buy Vanilla > Legion?
Just buy BFA youll have every expansion
To my understanding you do not have to buy the base game anymore. Only the subscription. What does the subscription hold? Every xpac beside the latest one. So up to legion. If the Xpac after BfA comes out, Bfa gets added to the subscription. But those who want to play it 2 years ish earlier have to buy the xpac.

If Im wrong people can correct me.
Ok, thank you guys.
Don't forget to refer a friend him, so you get stuff too.

All they need to buy is BfA and gametime to get to 100, personally I would tell him to wait until about 105 before buying BfA in case he doesn't like the game. No point in wasting money.

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