Fury weapon transmog

I would love to be able to transmog my 10m long 2h weapons to smaller 1h weapons while playing my fury spec. This would bring more variation to the class, you would have 2h with arms, 2h/1h with fury and 1h/shield with prot.
yes listen to this orc blizzard!!
I^d rather be able to equip my new mag'har or with a cool one handed axe. Instead i am stuck with old two handed weapons that look eitehr too big, or the models are old.

The one handed weapons look way better to be honest.

I dont understand why Blizzard is giving warriors a limit on having one handed weapons and fist weapons for transmog.

Warriars should be able to pick up normal one handed swords, maces and axes. This limitation on transmog is a bit silly and unrealistic.

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