Ress pets cooldown too long

Pet Battles
the cooldown is too long.

but i wouldnt give a crap about it, if i could actually buy battle pet bandages from a vendor.

either one is fine.
Why are you unable to purchase bandages?
Stable Masters can also heal up your pets.
24/09/2018 02:04Posted by Rosqo
Why are you unable to purchase bandages?

where do i buy bandages from for pet battles then? ive never seen a place.

im not gonna run back and forth to stable masters everytime something dies.

And incidentally, I chose and levelled my first 600 pets to Blue 25s before bandages were even available for sale. If you're halfway smart about using your pets, you don't need them.
I have thousands of bandages sitting in my bank that I will never get to use.
Wish I could trade in like 100 or even 500 bandages for a single pet stone or something like that :P

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