[H] Binary - Raiding Guild Mon/Tues/Thurs 8/8hc 2/8m

Twisting Nether
<Binary> is a fresh mythic raiding guild made up of core members with mythic experience. Our goal is to get cutting edge this tier and then move onto top 200 once we have an established team. We are looking for players of all classes to fill our roster, dedicated players who know their class and want to push are welcome. Ability to receive constructive criticism is a must.

Raid times:
8pm-11pm CEST (server time)

Firm grasp of both written and spoken English
Discord and working mic
You are expected to be flasked for every boss attempt

What you can expect from us:
Friendly atmosphere with a no-nonsense approach to raiding. We aim for first pull at 8pm and last attempt wrapped up by 11pm. We will only ever go overtime if we have had a very low % wipe on the previous pull and then only by a matter of minutes.
Any toxicity will be grounds for 1 warning or instant removal depending on severity, this includes all racism, phobia, screaming or general abusiveness. Criticism is completely fine and expected as long as it is given in a constructive and friendly manner.

Miska: Miska#1860
Jamok : taylorjt13#2841
Clonkersina : Clonkers#2957
Kerriodos : Kerriodos#1970

Hello if you guys looking for dps i will like to make my home and help the guild out to progress
Still looking to fill spots

rDPS - preferably Mage, Warlock or Hunter

Healers - Holy priest, resto shaman or resto druid

Potentially a spot open for a very good, vocal tank

We cleared 7/8 heroic and 1/8 mythic first week, still looking for rDPS and healers!
Still after hunters and healers
Still needing healers and the last couple of ranged DPS

Holy Priest
Disc Priest
Resto Druid
Resto Shaman
Updated with Mythic progress, we really need some capable healers and ranged DPS!
Update: We are looking for a couple more DPS to round out our roster, particularly:
Boomkin, Mage, Hunter
Would also consider a high parsing rogue
Bump: Looking for DPS

Rogue, Arms War, Boomkin, Elemental Shaman, Hunter, Mage

Would also consider a high performing HPriest or Resto Shaman
Still looking for Ranged DPS

Will consider any high performing tank/healer

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