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Pet Battles
Hey ya´ll
i wonder what type of pets is prefferd generally in battles be it against Another player or wild pets or npc´s that are here and there?
like a quest my alt got to do battle agains someone named Eric i do not know what pets to choose agains him or any other npc/player?

best whishes
Please please please read


and then


and then


and then this thread, for BfA.


Seriously. Read them. Please. All the way through. Your question doesn't have a simple answer. You need to understand the context.

For specific battles, Xu-Fu's guides offer lots of options


but those strategies are not the only way to beat these tamers. As I say in one of the threads, I demolished all the BfA battles except one with just one team. Other expansion battles will need more, though.
Ok thank you i will read those

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