ArmChair Army(H) Wants YOU! to join our Guild

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
That's right the ArmChair Army is looking for new members too help us smack some monsters around, then some harder ones, then some even harder ones. Oh Yes ,its time to get fat EPIC LOOTS.

We are looking for the best of the best (DPS and Healers), who can stay awake during raids and not pull the boss when the tanks not ready. NO raid experience required, Just discord.

Help us to push Mythic+, Normal and Heroic Raid, and we will show you THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE (Raids Fridays/Saturdays some Sundays)

COME for the fight stay for the FUN

Contact me Pure and I will sort YOU out

Terms and Conditions Apply
ArmChair Army is not responsible for any feeling of euphoria that you may experience from being part of the Army. We hold no responsibility to your family when you cant pull yourself away from the shear awesomeness off playing with us.
We are still looking for new members.
Still looking for more members to join our HC raid team

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