Disable War Mode near summoning stones

This would allow two players - one with War Mode on and one with War Mode off to assist each other with summoning the remainder of their party.

I would propose that if a player with War Mode on runs into this safe area whilst they are in combat, that they would remain attackable until such time passes that they are naturally taken out of combat.

Before people start to shoot down this post, I would ask them to consider that these areas already have safe zones nearby in the form of instance entrances. If a player is looking for an escape, they already have the option available to them.
I think something akin to this is genuinely needed. Being unable to summon or safely get to the dungeon entrance (not an issue for me, but for others for sure) is ridiculous, since there's a group or raid sat there ganking anyone who comes near. It's rude and pisses people of, and the potential issue of people using it to escape combat is a really weak argument against it.
Are you you daft it's a hot spot for world PVP and has been for years. If you're having trouble getting in buy the guild cloak to tele to org every 2 hours so you can turn off war mode. The default UI makes it clear who's on war mode so you can send the correct people to summon.
They should not disable this ... Never ...

Summoning stones and near flight paths are the best spots for World PVP

ps Before this expansion when people played on PVP server they couldn't never toggle it off ... and now if you don't want to be in a PVP phase you can easily turn it off ...
No. You are suposed to create a raid group so you can clean up all the enemies at the SS inorder for you to summon 1-3 players for your dungeon run. L2p mate.
Not being able to kill people while they summon help so they can outnumber me?
Sounds like a bad idea to me.
PvP aside, this could actually be helpful, or something like when you join group/raid with majority if people with WM off it should turn your WM off too so you can see them...

Tol Dagor 90% of the groups I went for this dungeon there are always some people with taxi unlocked there, I have PvP on, others have PvP off, so you just sit there and wait for someone with proper configuration to summ.

I dont care about ganking or whatever, but its same nonsense as azerite traits not changing based on your spec and you have to reset them before every raid like talents on TBC...
This way you have to go to SW/OG before every raid/mythic whatever and change your WM so you can help to summ.

Thats the point not avoiding PvP but being practical, not even mentioning that the moment you start pvp near dungeon everyone just runs inside.

Also side note its really annoying as hell when you want to go raid WQ or world boss and in group finder there are only groups with WM off and you get no credit for kill ...
I love how most of the people who responded have absolutely no clue what they are responding to in this thread....

OT: This is an annoying problem indeed in PUG dungeon groups.

I suppose WM doesnt have to be turned off, the portal just have to be visible and clickable by people with both WM turned on or off.
13/09/2018 19:13Posted by Lázlow
This would allow two players - one with War Mode on and one with War Mode off to assist each other with summoning the remainder of their party.
So defeating part of the purpose of it...
Defeating bad design ... you can summon/get summoned by anyone anyway, so why not at least be able to help with summons ...
or just disable warmode and stop being annoying about a clear purpose of the feature.
or just don't play a rpg game.
Dude stop! You chose it so you pay for it. The next thing will be? Phase people away while doing world quests with warmode on so they don't get killed but still get the 10% bonus. FFS stop you choose to go with
Best idea since sliced bread. So, so, SO annoying to summon party members because of this.
I haven't used a summoning stone in years, but I think they had some animation when you tried to summon and your other member clicked that to start the summon. As long as that animation was visible to the party members, regardless of war mode shard, it could still work right?
Send 3 people instead of 2... easy
I approve, love world pvp but attacking people just to be a douchbag at summoning stones is not needed in warmode

Should be a cooldown to phase in on 2 minutes though after engaging someone in world pvp so the zone is not something you can flee to if you picked a fight with other players
Or.... or... turn of your war mode before going into a dungeon takes a few seconds to do it, just hearthstone go to stormwind, ogrimmar, and bam done...
Just replace summoning stones with npc warlocks that have ridiculously strong spells and destroy anyone that tries to disrupt there summoning rituals.
I love how most of the people who responded have absolutely clue what they are responding to in this thread....

I've come to accept that no matter what gets posted on these forums, about half of the replies are going to be people who have completely misunderstood the post, or who have only read the title and decided to make a response to their own interpretation of it rather than actually reading the main body of the post.
Yeah it's a bit annoying to have 1 PVP and 1 PVE player at the stone.

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