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Twisting Nether
Hello My Fellow Horde!

We are currently looking to expand our newly formed guild so we can get our teeth into Mythic Raiding. As the topic states we are Casual, we don't have any set expectations, we will go as far as we can in each Tier.

I've ran several guilds over various expansions and have come back again with some long standing members who are in a similar situation where being able to commit to 3 days a week is not always possible.

With this in mind we will be only raiding twice a week.

Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Realm Time (15min break at 21:45)
Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 Realm Time (20min break at 20:50)

We are keen to always raid with 20 members, so we can transition straight into Mythic's throughout BFA. With the reduced days for raiding, we are expecting to keep the guild at a trim 24 members.

We are currently looking to recruit the following Classes/Roles. Players who have a different O/S Role are highly desired to keep us versatile.

Melee DPS

Demon Hunter (1)
Warrior (1)
Death Knight (1)
Paladin (1)
Shaman (1)

Ranged DPS

Mage (2)
Druid (1)
Priest (1)
Shaman (1)
Warlock (1)
Hunter (1)


Druid (1)
Priest (1)
Shaman (1)

Lastly, we use Discord, even my old self has had to leave the days of TeamSpeak behind!

We are only looking for a DK DPS, Mage, S.Priest & Warlock!
Message me
Hello mate,

I'm a pretty experienced player that started in Classic and went from the alliance to the horde :).
I'm looking for a steady guild. I missed the start of BFA due to work. I did clear Uldir NM and 4/8HC.

I can main 3 classes which i'm doing work on (DK,Monk,Shaman). I'd prefer to dive deep into enhance, but maybe you'll be worried about my ilvl on the shaman. I'm working on it as we speak. Send me a message in game should you be interested.

Besides raiding i also like M+ and will usually tank for a group or dps with my shaman if i can haha.

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