"Foundation" Looking for more raiders for HC

Twisting Nether
About "Foundation"

-We are 8/8 N and 5/8 HC at the moment

- We were formed by a group of friends that stopped raiding for a while but are now back.

- We strive to progress at a relatively decent rate while maintaining a friendly, non-toxic atmosphere.

- We like to have fun but the main aim is to improve, progress and eventually get cutting-edge.

- We raid 3 days a week and sometimes we throw in an optional raid for those who want.

- We do a lot of M+

What we require from you:

- We want people who are dedicated to World of Warcraft and that shows up to every raid. We need individuals who prioritise mechanics and teamwork over DPS and padding their logs.

- Turn up on time to our raids and if you know you can do a mechanic then volunteer to do it.

- We require reliable players. If you have frequent recurring absence or lateness then you will not be taken as a serious player and this guild is not the place for you.

- Come prepared for every raid, meaning you know the boss, the strategy that we are using and make sure that your character and alt's are raid ready.

Raid time:

- Wednesday: 19:15 - 22:15
- Thursday: 19:15 - 22:15
- Sunday: 19:15 - 22:15


How to apply:

If you are interested in joining us, then feel free to add any of our officers on BNet

Trávers#2789 GM Predíction /Trávers
abdullah#2161 Officer Monkfury / Wàrfury
Now 6/8 HC.

Due to some hiccups with some of the members changing living locations and similar, we're recruiting once again.

We might be able to find you a spot no matter what role/spec you are but are mainly looking for ranged DPS.

Raid days are Wednesday and Sunday (19:00 ST) but is a subject to change if majority of the members want different days/times.

Undergeared people are also welcome as we tend to organise Uldir Normal runs to have fun and gear them up.

Feel free to whisper Kimjongkick or any of our members in-game for more info.

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