Elemental stats

Hi what stat should I aim for for elemental?

Icy veins says haste.. but when I look at the PvP leaderboards, all ele's have versa enchanted. Why is that?

Or is haste for PvE, and versa for PvP?
Haste prio then versatility is better for pvp.
Haste is also good for single target raid situations.
Crit would be better for aoe situations.

More is not always better. Try to balance out the stats based on ratios.

I'd say try to obtain Azurethos' Signed Plumage trinket I have.
My base Haste is 12% - when I activate it it jumps to 34% (75% when used on top of BL). It has limited active time but its good enough for the moment you need and CD is quite low.
It's basically a pocket Bloodlust.

Higher Crit is also good if you're rolling with Aftershock, since multiple procs of Earth Shock just obliberate ppl. But it's 50/50 since it's pure RNG.

Meanwhile Versatility is a static dmg and def boost, pernamently.

It's up to you which one you focus on, as long as you'd try to cover your choice options with itemization.
I am trying to focus more on Crit & Mastery while having both Haste & Versta boost via trinkets. Is it optimal? Don't think so since my Uldir parses are quite low, but I like to think I'm smart doing so.
So if i understand this correctly; haste/versa is better for Earth Shock damage. Quickly build up Maelstrom and dump it all in an Earth Shock. Crit being a good 3rd for higher ES crits but it will still be RNG whether it crits or not. Versa is a guarenteed Earth Shock damage increaser.

And crit/mast is more for an AoE build, possibly better for PvE.
Something like that.
I still haven't settled with my stats. I keep switching from haste orient to crit orient then equal crit/haste (focus haste on totem mastery and trinkets).

From what I suspect and notice (I didn't kept tabs on this) there is no huge difference. So i believe settle on what you feel comfortable.
Last night I ended up with a mythic+ run with my ''pvp set'' (haste/versa orient) by mistake and dps wasn't that bad considering single target. So I guess that's somehow viable for Uldir ST bosses.
Ye I'll just focus on haste/versa I think. Thanks for the info :)

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