[H] 371 arms warrior LF M+/Raid guild!

Twisting Nether
Hi, I'm looking for a guild that can does 8/8 heroic Uldir and is trying to progress to mythic. I just want a group of players that do M+ dungeons too, to communicate on Discord and have fun and above else to avoid pugs. I came back to WoW after a 2 expansion hiatus, made a new account and just joined a random guild. So please if you have the need for a warrior, comment!
Hi Currently our guild is sat at 6/8 Heroic and we are looking to push to finish ASAP and get into out Mythic progression. In the future we look to be raiding Cutting edge and boosting for gold. We also have a more social said of the guild for Mythic + ect. If your interested add Connor#2509 and we can talk some more.

This is a link to our forum is you would like more info:D

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