[H-RP] Zuldazar Bar Nights

Argent Dawn
Letters are making their rounds around the Port of Zuldazar, being passed freely between the hands of sailors, dockworkers, traders and even soldiers of the Horde staging on the docks.

“Members of His Majesty’s Golden Fleet invite you to a retreat in the hills of greater Zuldazar, hidden in the vines and overlooking the Bay of Kings, the Shrunken Head throws open its doors to citizens of Zandalar and members of the Horde alike to socialise and better strengthen the strategic alliance.

The Shrunken Head is a bar located at the Village in the Vines, Zuldazar. Visitors can reach the village via Brutosaur caravans that depart from the Zocalo regularly.

The message ends with a time and a date.”

Hello, sports fans.

There’s been a lot of roleplay going on around Zandalar and I thought it was about time we had a few casual RP events on the calendar for people to drop in on. To that end I’ll be hosting a few social get togethers in different locations.

The first one will take place at Village in the Vines, a settlement just outside the city. It’s a cool little venue with a bar, a nice lounge space upstairs and a few of those usable drums.

The first night will officially be opening at 20:00 on Tuesday the 24th of September. Due to the nature of shards, I will be hosting a raid group and sending out invites before the event begins.

You can contact me here, in game or if your character is a troll, via our lovely Wardrums discord. For all interested in Zandalar RP, I also recommend joining the Zandalar RP Hub community set up by Avarill. Details are as follows:

Wardrums – The Troll Community Discord

The Zandalar RP Hub Community

Happy Brewfest.
Looking forward to it!
The first one will take place at Village in the Vines

Great choice!

I'll do my best to be there! Will also update the Zandalar Hub's MOTD as a PSA for others!
Excited for this!
Woo woo!
Sounds good. Will (hopefully, all going well) be there! :D
I will most likely attend. Wouldn't want to miss a party like this.
Hello, I'm Fe and I will be your bartender.
21/09/2018 14:52Posted by Fe
Hello, I'm Fe and I will be your bartender.

Jani-juice, with ice
Hello. I've brought this a day forward to Monday the 24th
21/09/2018 21:26Posted by Hanazu
Hello. I've brought this a day forward to Monday the 24th

Then sadly I will have to withdraw, I'm busy on monday nights. Hope the event goes well.
Hopefully we'll see you at the next one.
Your contributions to the Troll RP scene are appreciated, Hanazu.
One of the few reasons we regret not being in Zuldazar just yet. I hope to pop by on an alt!
We'll be there, for certain.

We promise not to break much.
Can't wait to see you all there tomorrow.
This is tonight. We'll be stocking specially imported brews from the famous T'chali brewery. (RIP T'chali)
I'm currently issuing invites so feel free to /w me or Hanazu in game.
This was fab! Thank you Hanazu, for hosting and another thank you to those who dropped by - was lovely meeting a lot of new faces (and seeing the old ones again)
Thank you everyone for an excellent first night.

Some snaps from the event:

The next Bar Night will be taking place on Tuesday the 2nd of October at 20:00 at a location yet to be revealed.
Once more, letters make their way around the city of Zuldazar. They are printed bilingually, in both Zandalli and Orcish.

"We invite you, citizens of Zandalar and the Horde to a naval lounge being hosted by His Majesty’s Golden Fleet. The event will take place at the Zocalo’s most famous establishment, Hot House, renown for it’s chilli dishes and tiki bar.

We welcome all who come in good faith, in the spirit of co-operation and with a desire to strengthen the strategic coalition.

Zandalar Forever."

The message ends with a time and a date.
The next bar night is this coming Tuesday at Hot House, a place that's become known by Zuldazar's RP regulars as a popular hub and a common meeting place.

The event officially kicks off at 20:00 but if its anything like the first night, people will begin gathering beforehand. As usual I will be issuing invites to a raid group.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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