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Argent Dawn
When is the next barnight?
Want to try my hand on troll RP, are noobs welcome?
03/11/2018 15:24Posted by Chíeun
When is the next barnight?
Keep an eye out because I will be posting the next date soon.
03/11/2018 23:52Posted by Yowu
Want to try my hand on troll RP, are noobs welcome?
Letters make their way around the city of Zuldazar. Some of them have begun to appear in ports of distant shores, carried across the seas in the back pockets of sailors and merchants.

"The crew of the Flame of Zandalar are pleased to announce that they will be returning to the Zocalo's most famous establishment, Hot House for chilli and cocktails.

We welcome all who come in good faith, in the spirit of co-operation and with a desire to strengthen the strategic coalition.

Zandalar forever."

The message ends with a time and a date.
And we're back, sports fans.

The next bar night will take place on Sunday the 11th. Bar service officially begins at 20:00.
A second note has been tacked to the bottom of the letters posted up on the city command boards:


We are also seeking to recruit service staff to aid with the running of the naval lounge. Training will be provided on the job but applicants must be fluent in Zandalli. Please send all communications to Witch-Doctor Hana'zu via the Zandalar port authority."
Y'all better dance well.
Have a great evening, all!
A menu is posted outside Hot House and besides it's Tiki Bar.
Non Alcoholic
Melon Juice

Mixed Drinks
White Tortollan
Pineapple Punch
Banana Cocktail
South Island Iced Tea

Tol Barad Coconut Rum

Blacktooth Bloodwine
Junglevine Wine

Kalimdor Imports
Bitter Cactus Apple Cider
Frog Venom Brew
Mulgore Firewater

Tel'abim Bananas
Deep Fried Plantains

Today's beer on tap is...
Gral's Growler, a deep pale ale brewed by Tortollans.
We -did- (and some do still) dance well. Cheers!
Some pics from the last bar night.

Thanks for hosting, was very cool

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