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As stated in the title, dont know if it works. But i got 2 quests in my log with the name The Very Best, both rewarding the epic battle stone. Might be interesting for some people unaware of this.
I just had an odd thing happen as well.

I took the quest in Boralus on my 120 mage, and did the 5 battles on a levelling character (117). The 117 did not have the quest in his log.

He went to Archmage Timear in New Dala, and could not hand the quest in, but could take the quest from Timear. I didn't take that. Instead, my mage turned the quest in in Boralus.

It is confusing.
Shhh we don’t want Blizzard fixing this but not other much more pressing bugs *looks at Twilight Meteorite, Hermit Crab & Jar of Smelly Liquid*.

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