Warfront transmog bug

Does the Honorbound transmog not register for anyone else?
Nope. Two parts did, rest did not.
Yep, it's bugged at the moment: some pieces get added other don't.
Same issue here. Should have the complete Warfront (7th Legionnaire's Plate) set, but only two items are showing as registered.

However, if you look for them individually under their respected catagories (head, shoulders, chest etc), they all show up as collected. Just not on the set list.
there are 3 diffferent sets

and while looking the same, they count as different

set1 - warfront victory 340
set2 - dropp from rares in arathi open world (thats the one thats tracked in the sets tab)
set3 - 370 quest rewards from the one time per cycle quest and the dooms howl/lions roar

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