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Hi guys,

I'm 27 and from the U.K. I've played WoW on and off since around 2008/2009. I have raided hardcore and participated in some decent high end guilds.

However, I am just coming back from a 7/8 month break and work/life is pretty time consuming right now. With this in mind I am now looking for a chilled guild to continue my journey into BFA. I am after a guild that raids up to twice a week and is ok with laid back progression.

I'm up for doing dungeons, M+, normal raids, heroics raids and even stepping into mythic raiding, however, I'm not gunning for any world titles I just want to causally enjoy the content in a relaxed guild with a group of friends.

I'm happy to move servers and change to horde if I find the right fit :)
Feel feel to reply to this thread or hit me up on my battle tag Eskib0y#21957

Thanks for reading,

Oh something to add. I don't really want to raid over the weekend. My preference would be a group that raids twice between Monday and Thursday.

We are a group of friends from different nationalities (UK, SWE, NL) that got together during early Legion to start raiding on [H]Frostwhisper.

We raid two times a week, Wednesday and Thursday 21.00 - 00.00 server time.

We need Healers and DPS, if you feel to give us a shout you can contact my guilds leaders via:

Hedges (Hedges#2469)
Dyinggiraffe (Dyinggiraffe#21826)

I'll also put in our recruit message if you wanna read some more.

Team Two is a PVE focused guild, and our aim is to clear the highest level of content we can and - of course - to have fun doing so!

We can offer you a relaxed, friendly raiding environment, members who love to run mythic+ and an active discord server. We have a good sense of community and we hope all of our members join in with that.

We raid two days a week, Wednesday and Thursday starting at 21.00 server time until 00.00 server time.

Our aim is to continue to gather a strong roster of quality players that fit with our community going in to BFA. We have plenty of active players still getting involved in raids, mythic+, achievement runs and all kinds of content.

Take care

Hello Darkshanks,

In case you are still looking, I think <Outside Lies Doom> (on Draenor) might be a good fit for you.

Raid days are Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 11pm ST. Our current aim is heroic progression. M+ is also on the radar. Generally, we try to get everybody a high key for their weekly chest. Our Guild Chat/Discord server is usually rather active, so I believe we can provide a social aspect too.

If you're interested, message: Sevyrik#2897 / Wushnedge#2102 [BNet]
Or: #7365 (Name: Xendaz) / #6726 (Name: Wushnedge) [Discord]
Still actively looking for a place to call home.
Hi James

I have noticed that you are looking for a new home and wouldn't mind changing servers. We are currently looking for dps and a hunter would be a good addition to our to our team.

We will raid Heroic content, 2 nights a week (Monday and Wednesday) 8.30pm - 11.30pm Server time

Here is the link to our recruitment post.


Feel free to contact myself or one of the officers for a chat.

Libbi: Bnet - Pinky#2953 / Discord – tilleymint#7370
Zaphkiel: Bnet - Silverwillo#2290 / Discord – silverwillo#5715
Ashandarei: Bnet – Nyobe#2121 / Discord – Ash#3792
Our guild "Varde" focuses on growth and patience. We are definetly casual in attitude, but we expect you to have discord and to tune in. We have raids on tuesdays and thursdays 21:00-23/24:00 and on sundays 19:00-23:00. Although it is not a requirement that you are there for all three. We are Horde, on Twisting-Nether and are sorely in need of ranged DPS. As of now we want to complete the end of normal and move onto HC. Our page can be found here on page 2-3.
Still in the market for a guild
Hi there

Srotaluger, (Sa-Rota-Lu-ger) Founded by like minded long term wow friends. We aim to have solid progress as PVE guild raiding 2 nights a week. Aiming to clear heroic and progress mythic in a laid back, yet focused manner. Community is hugely important to us as many of our members have known each other for many years, it is by this bond we will stay strong, even when things don't quite go as planned!

We are just starting up the guild, so this is your chance to start the adventure from the beginning :)

Raid days are : Wednesday & Sunday
Server: Draenor

Give me a poke if interested : Lazer#2711

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