Yep I find it rather scary to contemplate the depths of boredom a person would have to reach to attempt levelling in modern wow. There sure are some brave, hardy souls out there.
Nothing deserves more /respect than players in Legacy Armor.
It's not that bad tho. All you have to do is throw the money on a screen and ding on your 110.
Which is obviously an improvement, since not so long ago, it would only get you to lvl 100.
I liked the Vanilla or TBC leveling, but WotLK and on was total annoying crap.

Right now I am lvling my undead warlock. I am 60 and I barely left the Hilsbrad foothills.
Absolutely amazing, chapter quests are so cool, locations have feeling you are actually doing something there, not just run around like idiot collecting exclamation marks.
And I seriously cant wait and decide between going NR or OL on 60.

This hating on LvLing is just some new stupid modern trend ...
Definitely took a while to get to 110 -- lots of battlegrounds, dungeons, and as many bonus objectives (Draenor/Legion) as possible.

I felt 90 to 110 was quite alright in terms of XP trickling in consistently, anything before that felt slightly cancerous though.

As for BfA -- seeing that you need 800,000 experience per level is a bit soul crushing, not going to lie.
I mean, if you are a brand new player it is not that bad.

You lack point of reference.
Leveling? In a MMO? Oh the horror!
still takes only a few days of /played if you are efficient

vanilla leveling though, now that is one !@#$%^- borefest yet people here think its a "journey" or some other bullcrap which doesnt mean anything

personally leveling is something i have always regarded as a hurdle to get through so i can get to the content that interests me the most
Just got heritage on this moo yesterday. Quested until 60, doing zones I had yet to complete for Loremaster, then did battlegrounds from 60-100 (you get decent XP even if it’s a loss) and then hit Legion invasions and bonus objectives.

About 3.5 days /played and the experience really created a good fondness for this character. :)
Leveling is fun in places like Nagrand where you can get like 24 quests at once, complete 15 in one full circular swoop through the zone, and hand in a bunch for mass exp. It feels -awesome-.

Compare that to Cata/Mop and onwards where receiving FOUR WHOLE QUESTS at once is considered "amazingly much", and most of your time is spent jojo-ing back and forth between the questhub and the quest location for those two quests you have gotten.


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