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Twisting Nether
Congratulations, you've landed on the recruitment page of <u need> and you might be one step away of becoming the ultimate raider.
Do you think you can rise to the challenge that Mythic Uldir offers? Do you wish to be a cutting edge raider? But most of all, do you want to have fun while trampling all over the low-tier mongrels located in Uldir? Then <u need> is the guild you're destined for.

Our raid days are on Wednesdays and Sundays, from 8PM server time till 11PM server time. The extra optional raid day is yet undefined. We are looking for a warlock and ranged dps!

Who are we
We are a new guild, founded on 20-09-2018. Our core consists of 5 proper English-speaking Dutch friends who are around 22/23 years old. Individually we've all got our raiding experience and we have raided together during the times of Siege of Orgrimmar. Right now, we are reviving the hype.

What are we looking for in you
We are looking for players who want to spend a few hours of their week to have an awesome time while getting the results we plan for. What we expect from you as a raider in our team is a certain level of maturity, a certain level of skill and patience. The team doesn't need '1-wipe I'm out all-stars'. The raiders of <u need> understand that to get results, you need teamwork, cooperation and perseverance. They also understand that to make progress, they have to get better every day and will have to learn from their mistakes. But most of all, we are looking for honesty and reliability.

So are you?

- Mature
- Somewhat knowledgable about your class
- Looking to better yourself
- A teamplayer
- Able to raid at the given times
- Wishing to conquer Uldir
- Willing to have fun

Then join!
Come try <u need> out!

You can contact me by adding me:

Or by adding one of our officers:
New guild looking for raiders.
Socials also very welcome!
The team is getting steadily filled. Wednesday will be our first raid, be sure to check us out!
Still spots to fill for healers and range dps!
Looking for a tank, a healer and a couple of dps!
Continueing with Normal on Sunday, then Wednesday we start with HC.
Our roster is steadily coming along with fun and reliable people. Do you like having fun and making progress at the same time? Come join us! We don't have any hard requirements.

17/09/2018 23:38Posted by Tallawah
We are looking for non-priest healers, a Havoc Demon Hunter and a couple of non-druid ranged DPS.
We are still looking for a healer, Havoc Demon Hunter(s) and still a couple of ranged dps!
Team is almost full, we are 4/8HC now, will be pushing on Heroic this Sunday.
Might you consider us, you will consider joining a stable 14-man team that has been established, are you prepared for Mythic raiding and finishing HC with us?
7/8HC, clearing Ghuun on Wednesday.
We still need a non-priest healer, RDPS and a Havoc Demon Hunter.
Get in now and soon you will be raiding mythic!
Starting mythic next week! All we need are a couple of DPS, just whisper me ingame or add me.
Current progression: 8/8HC, 1/8M.
Starting mythic on Sunday!
We need any DPS that is geared 360+. And even this requirement is not set in stone.
Desperately looking for at least one warlock! Mythrax and Ghuun tonight. Will start mythic after!

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