355+ warlock 8/8nm 5/8hm LF Mythic raiding guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi There,

I am currently looking for a new home, my current Uldir progress is 8/8 Normal with 5/8 Heroic.
i have only started to progress on the Eu realms as ive just recently moved from Australia! so i've had to start again. i appreciate your time in reading my post and i would love to hear from any interested guilds. i will leave my most recent logs and armory link below with my battle tag, please dont hesitate to add me :)
Thanks Orpi



I can vouch for Orpi as a great raider from the experience I have had raiding with him. He is vocal and knows tactics well. Definitely give him a message.
I had the pleasure to raid with Orpi the first Week of Heroic and I can only say, that he consistenly destroys the DMG-Meters without slacking on any mechanics. Very very talented & skilld Player for sure.

Was FUN to fight for DPS with ya Orpi. Hope you find, what you are looking for :)
Your performance def. deserves more, then what we currently were progressing on.

Good LUCK, Brother !
+1 From me.
I respect his decision for pushing Mythic at a higher level.
I have been his Raid leader for the last few months of legion and BFA's current content, and I say he is a fantastic Player and well worth the time put into him.
Hey there Orpi, Sodium Chloride is currently looking for a couple of extra ranged dps to fill out our final roster spots. Brilliant logs and very admirable of your previous guild to vouch for you, really speaks for character.
Rather than run you through the full recruitment spiel here I'll just link our forum post below:

I'll add you in-game later on and see if we can have a chat. If I don't get ahold of you feel free to try me on either discord or battle.net, both Math#2386.

I have found a new home, thanks to all for the interest,



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