Hunter Looking for Mythic Guild(Draenor)

Looking for Players – PvE
Hey im Jelly or luke Irl. Im English and 28.

Currently playing hunter Bm main
Enhance shammy alt.

Been playing wow 14 years Hardcore and Casual. Looking for stable guild with decent people that are up for a laugh but take raiding serious (As we are all spending our time to raid together). Im Not the best at putting words to paper. would happily chat on discord if interested.

Looking for a Guild that raids no Later than 23.00 Server Time. 3-4 days a week
days arent an issue as i have flexibility in work schedule.

Raid Experience.
on and off raided Hc in tbc Chasing server firsts on Quel thalas. started raiding again at start of legion Fell off after Tov as guild started to splinter and real life got busy, also was quite sick of waiting on legendary ring.
Was hoping to raid with old guildies fresh at start of Bfa. But guild hasnt gathered itself.

Capable player.
(Legion logs) without legendary ring :(



Bnet Tag - Smidgee#2123
Discord - Luke#0796

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