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Hi all,
I'm looking for a new Guild to raid with in BFA. Due to IRL commitments I am looking for the following:

- Raid starting from 8:30pm - 9pm Server Time
- Raiding 2-3 times per week
- Fun guild that is inclusive of all members and works together to achieve goals
- Horde or Alliance (I'm used to Alliance but willing to switch for the right Guild)
- A Guild that does M+/Dungeons and is active on non-raiding days

What you will get from me:

- I'm 31 so mature and like to talk to new people.
- Fun laid back guy wanting to help out others
- WoW veteran of 12 years (started mid-TBC) and have raiding experience going back to Black Temple (less so in recent xpacs) on a variety of classes/roles
- Willing to play any class/spec/role within reason (lol Feral Druid! ;p)

If it sounds like we would be a good fit please feel free to add me: LukejEEE#2405

Many Thanks :)

We are a group of friends from different nationalities (UK, SWE, NL) that got together during early Legion to start raiding on [H]Frostwhisper.

We raid two times a week, Wednesday and Thursday 21.00 - 00.00 server time.

We need Healers and DPS, if you feel to give us a shout you can contact my guilds leaders via:

Hedges (Hedges#2469)
Dyinggiraffe (Dyinggiraffe#21826)

I'll also put in our recruit message if you wanna read some more.

Team Two is a PVE focused guild, and our aim is to clear the highest level of content we can and - of course - to have fun doing so!

We can offer you a relaxed, friendly raiding environment, members who love to run mythic+ and an active discord server. We have a good sense of community and we hope all of our members join in with that.

We raid two days a week, Wednesday and Thursday starting at 21.00 server time until 00.00 server time.

Our aim is to continue to gather a strong roster of quality players that fit with our community. We have plenty of active players still getting involved in raids, mythic+, achievement runs and all kinds of content.

Take care

Hi mate, i'm the GM of <Dice> which is a mainly British guild on Stormscale Horde and we're currently looking for more raiders to fill out our group as we approach mythic. We raid 20:30-23:30 Monday and Wednesday. If interested drop me a message or if you'd like any more information @ WalkingDead#1179

Best of luck with your guild search!
Hi there, are you still looking for a guild?
<AnV> of Frostmane is a laid-back late night guild who raids 6 hours per week
- Mon, Weds and Thurs between 22.00 - 0.00 server time. We have been around since 2009, have a friendly and active community (doing mythic plus and a casual optional extra raid at the weekend for alts or social members) and have also had a few irl meets.
We are on currently looking for a tank.
If we are of interest check our website: or you can add me for a chat @ hellykins#2114
Good luck!
Still talking to Guilds, raiding 9pm ST onwards :)

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