Hunter/Rogue/Boomkin LF Raiding Guild.

Looking for Players – PvE
Hunter/Rogue/Boomkin LF Raiding Guild.

I am happy to play either of these 3 classes, Ideally I would PREFER late night raiding but I am open to other suggestions also. I have quite dense mythic experience going back in previous expansions.

I'm from UK, so would need to be English speaking. I am open to server transfers if required (Preferably not Faction change, but also am open to suggestions)


Edit: Bnet: Nevalis#2914 Discord: Nevalis#1332
Hey there!

This is us. 2+1 night late evening raiding 21:30-00:00. All skilled and experienced mythic raiders.

If that’s something you’d be interested in add me on steveo#21656
Hey Neva, we're currently looking for a solid hunter to round out our roster.

We're Antisocial on Draenor. I'll spare you the wall of text and just refer you to our recruitment thread where you can find all the information about us.
Hard Graft - Newly founded guild is now Recruiting for casual raiding, mythic+ and much more in BfA. Requirements; Social and a Positive attitude.

A little bit about the core of the guild; we are a bunch of people that have been playing together since Mist of Pandaria, we have raided every expansion (except legion) on different levels of difficulties and having a blast while doing so :).

Most of us are older with families + children, so being on WoW is our "sanctuary" to get away from the daily must-does and blow of some stress while having fun in both PVE and PVP. We really enjoy to meet new people and are very social (maybe a bit too social at times). The guild does not have any requirements of you joining every raid / content since we all know how it is to have a family and other obligations on the side, we are a bit more laid-back on the attendance - if you can join, you can, if you cannot then its fine.

Last but not least, we dont require you to have any raiding-experience we are all really good at teaching the game so you are most welcome to join us for raids, dont feel shy only because you are a new player :smiley:

Preliminary Raiding Times:
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday - 20:00 to 22:00 Server Time.

Does this sounds like its something for you? Feel free to send me a PM in game BNET: KFAL#2687 Ingame name KFALTrooper-Jaedenar or message any of our officers in game
Hey there,

Monstars is looking for Ranged dps currently!

We raid wednesdays and sundays from 20:00 untill 23:30 server time.

Would love to have a chat with you via or discord.



Alley oop is raiding 21:00 - 23:30 in-game time.
Raid days are: Thurs & Monday.

Preferably would want you to play as ranged dps. We are looking to full time raiders, not 1 raid a week people.
Message me on Bauzer#2498
Hi Nevarogue,

The guild I represent, <exceL> is currently recruiting for our Mythic raiding team. We have a recruitment thread on these forums, but the easiest place to learn about our guild and make a quick application to join is probably our Guilded page:

Page ->
Apply ->

We are currently recruiting for your class and thus I am keen to see if you would like to join. We are Horde and raid twice per week in a very friendly setting but with mythic progression as the main objective. We also all work full-time jobs and understand that WoW needs to be balanced with life's priorities.

Any questions please let me know, be very keen to chat with you :)

Hi mate, i'm the GM of <Dice> which is a mainly British guild on Stormscale Horde and we're currently looking for more raiders to fill out our group as we approach mythic. We raid 20:30-23:30 Monday and Wednesday. If interested drop me a message or if you'd like any more informatin @ WalkingDead#1179

Best of luck with your guild search!
Hi there

Srotaluger, (Sa-Rota-Lu-ger) Founded by like minded long term wow friends. We aim to have solid progress as PVE guild raiding 2 nights a week. Aiming to clear heroic and progress mythic in a laid back, yet focused manner. Community is hugely important to us as many of our members have known each other for many years, it is by this bond we will stay strong, even when things don't quite go as planned!

We are just starting up the guild, so this is your chance to start the adventure from the beginning :)

Raid days are : Wednesday & Sunday
Server: Draenor

Give me a poke if interested : Lazer#2711
Hey Nevarogue
We are..
<Shia Surprise> is a guild formed within the Antorus Raid Tier of Legion. The Guilds core consists of experienced WoW players who have all achieved curve within Antorus. We are still in need of some more Raiders, but socials are obviously always welcome aswell. We play on the server Twisting Nether
We are currently in need of:
- A Healer
- DPS (Warlock, Mage, Spriest or DK prio)

Abit of practical information:
- We raid from 8 - 11 pm server time on mondays and thursdays.
- We use discord for raiding and general communication, and you'll always be
able to get a hold of an officer on discord, as there's always at least one online.

Our Goal will be to clear Uldir(HC) as efficient as possible while also having as much fun as possible along the way. We're not planning on entering Mythic just yet, but if the roster is looking convincing it is surely a possibility.

So if you are trying to clear Uldir(HC) in a friendly enviroment, reach out to any of our officers, or contact one of the following Real-ID contacts:
- Harou#21225
- Wulf#11354
- Ciggs#2351
- Maldorr#21401 <---(Me)
<Res Novae>

Is a new raiding guild on EU-Silvermoon (recently transfered from EU-Turalyon) whose core has been founded back in 2007. We have a fun raiding environment with still wanting to progress as far as we can, which ultimatly translates into achieving in Mythic raids, pushing Mythic+ dungeons and trying some (R)BG's and have some laughs while doing it. We are a very versatile bunch and are still looking for a few raiders who are looking for a home in BFA.

We pretty much raided every expansion and one of our most memorable moments were World top 845: Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream (25 player) achievement back in 2014.


Tuesday > 19:30-23:00
Wednesday > 19:30-23:00
Sunday > 19:30-23:00

Contact us:

Hey Nevarogue,

Feel free to check out my guild, Latinus Namus on Draenor. We are recruiting DPS and raid 2 nights a week, our progress is 1/8M and 5/8HC currently.

Please see our recruitment post for more info or contact details if you're interested:

Best of luck with your search!

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