Letting it all out (BfA)

Hi. Cba writing much now so I will only talk about three things about WoW that irk me to the max. There will be more to come in the coming days.


* Love and hate go hand in hand. So just because I am whining does not mean that you should tell me I quit. If anything, people who go out of their way to voice their concerns on the forums are the most passionate WoW players out there. Think about that before telling me "k" or "cool story bro". Still hoping you tell me that though! You know because it´s cool to submit a one-liner reply and all that.


1) Game is more and more about quantity rather than quality. I can only imagine how disgusted some of the developers themselves are because of the shift in content scheduling philosophy being forced upon them by the higher-ups- Yes, patches come out quicker now, but also with more bugs and glaring issues. 7.2 was the buggiest patch since 4.1.. Yes lol, six years of constant improvement until quantity really took the throne from quality. Not only that, it made it evident how future patches would be all about reusing already used assets and timegating the hell out of every little piece of content they can.

2) Class design is FKN terrible, sorry for the frivolity. Most of them are just bare bones, no muscle (don´t even get me started on the fat lolz). Is this down to the lack of programmers now evident in the gaming industry in general? How about raising their salaries? How about foregoing immediate quarterly success for one quarter and investing into later, more substantial gains and hiring more quality programmers? Because it seems that´s what you are all about these days. Almost every LFR to date has been scheduled in a manner that has its last wing open just at the end of a financial quarter or at the start of a new one. Almost every Q&A and in-game promotion is scheduled for the last two weeks of a fiscal quarter. Hence the panic about cancelled subscriptions with the AMA and the promise of having 8.1 be up on the PTR realms by the end of the week (in an unplayable state, mind you, haha!).

Sorry but right now it seems you are a multi-billion company like Amazon who tries to maximize their successes without giving a crap about their employees. The stress Ion is under is glaringly evident. No wonder, because he is the guy who has to come up with the goods in a time window that is humanly impossible. And that´s something I wish to highlight. We, the players, keep on blaming the developers or Ion, the game director. But what this really boils down to is the higher-ups and immediate economic gain.

I have no doubt in my mind that when Ion said that developers only care about whether the players have fun or not is what he meant in his heart. But he also has to fulfill the needs of the shareholders. And shareholders come before the players. Why do I feel the need to point this out? Most already know it. Well, Legion and BfA have made this fact BLATANT. Sure, economic value and profit margins mattered all the time, but ever since the shift to the /time played metric being the one they base their success on, it has never been so blatantly obvious. And it ruins immersion, breaks the flow, brings a bad taste to my mouth. And I´m not the only one.

3) Communication issues between developers and players are related to what I said just earlier. They are all super stressed out because they want to create a game players praise them for. They might even hate LFR themselves, but are forced to keep it in because of profit reasons. It´s a perennial struggle between trying to please the players and the shareholders at the same time. And don´t forget that everything you say can be turned against you and taken out of context. Moreso now than in any other time.

Part 2 coming tomorrow. Btw, game is still quite good.

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