<Spectrum> 1 night a week HC raiding guild


We are a guild of mature and experienced raiders, that due to irl commitments have limited time to raid.
Our raid is every Sunday 8pm-11pm server time.
Although we only raid once a week we take our 1 night seriously and aim to get the most we can from the time we have!
Our core raided together through Legion and we are now looking to fill just a few spots to progress through BFA.

Currently we're looking for 1 Healer and Range DPS
High prio on Holy Pala, Warlock, Hunter

New recruits enter a 3 week trial period after which time, if all are happy, they will be promoted to Raiders.

What we expect from trials:
A commitment to every Sunday night (it's really important due to our limited time that all raiders can commit to atleast 90% attendance, 100% during trial period)
A mature attitude whilst also down for a laugh
The usual standards of Flasks, Pots and Buff Food
Knowledge of your class and raid encounters.

The guild can be quiet during the week (especially during daytime) as most of us work full time, but we still like to group up and run M+ in the evenings and wknds when people are free.
If you're looking for a busy social guild, then we're not for you, but if you're looking for a friendly guild of chilled good players that don't have the time they used to have, but still want to progress in current content and enjoy the game, then maybe you'd fit right in!

Feel free to contact me anytime if you would like more info :)

Still looking for 1 Healer (Druid, Shaman or Pala) and a few DPS

I sent a friend request so we can chat online.

Me, a ret and a dps dh are interested in joining. We are going to realm transfer.

We had a post with some info if u want to have a look.
1 Healer spot to fill, Resto Druid or Shaman would be perfect! And last couple of DPS, especially a Rogue or DK (open to most range!)
Full on Healers for now!

Looking for a couple of DPS, esp DK and Rogue. Other Melee will be considered too and most Range welcome.

Our Hpala will be leaving us in a month or so (due to work commitments) so we would be interested in someone willing to DPS for now then step into Heals later
1 Healer spot opened up - especially looking for a Druid or Shaman, but all classes will be considered.

And a few DPS - most classes/specs welcome
Hello There!

Im currently looking for a casual raiding guild, i think i can adjust my schedule to your raiding one. Currently my main is a prot paladin, but im considering changing this to my rogue.

Hope we can get in contact.
Hiya, we're full on tanks, but a rogue would be great, give me a /w when ur online :)
Looking for 1 Healer still and just a 1-2 Range DPS spots left
Looking for 1 Healer and a few DPS, range only, high prio on Holy Paladin and Warlock!
High prio locks!

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