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Emerald Dream / Terenas
Hello all

About me
Let me introduce myself, I'm a 28 year old dutchman who started playing WoW on Terenas EU. I stayed there from 2006 till 2009 and had a great time on it. After the first half of WotLK I transfered to multiple realms and switched continuely between factions. The best memories I still have from WoW are from this realm which merged together with Emerald Dream (hey dreamers btw). I was part of various guilds back in the days, from which none exists anymore in the present (Dark Angels, ArcanA MacK, Kingdom Hearts, Elysian). After almost a decade it's time for me to return to my old home, even if it has changed for 99% now.

Looking for

I'm looking for a social/friendly guild to join on. At this moment I have no max characters and my game time is limited to 2-8 hours a week. This will stay till january, because I'm moving over to a new house, and this moving proces consumes alot of my time. Besides that I have 2 busy jobs ( Social worker and Fitness trainer) and a missus.

Anyone from this realm (Alliance or even Horde) who wants to banter can add me Kapiteinkaj#2159

Cheers !

Glad to see you are returning to ED/Terenas, though the realm is VERY different to how it was before the merge (or even a year or two ago).

We'd be more than happy to welcome you to Valour, just so you have somewhere to call home when you're sorting your IRL living arrangements!

No rush to level or gear, but when you are able to, (if you want to at all) you'd be more than welcome to tag along at alt runs or step up to the main raids :)

Add me on battle.net if you cant catch me online!


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