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I recently helped some guys run tomb of sargeras and somehow managed to equip one of the items. I have since then sold my soulbound stuff, including my legplates.

A few days have passed and I noticed.

Not a problem, I can use buyback right? The buyback list is empty. So I thought the item restoration would be the way to go but I do not get a list of items to restore (despite it saying "showing 1-10 of 376 results" and giving me 38 pages).

Is this a known issue?
I have the same issue.
Many pages but no items are shown and i can not search for anything.
Same issue, made a post an hr ago also, missed this one. Got a PvP upgrade relic so need to restore a 340 wep to upgrade to 365. I need it NOW as i'm playing arena NOW. So a 3 day ticket wait will not do.
Okay, I am glad it isn't just me!
Yep. The World of Warcraft Item Restoration page doesn't list any items but does show links to the pages that should contain said items. Broken in both Firefox and MS Edge.
Got the same problem, character selection goes fine on the Item Restoration page, but no items where they should be.

Problem occured in Chrome, MS Edge and Firefox.
Same here with me... 606 Results, 60 Pages but none are displayed.
Broken on Firefox, Explorer, Opera and Safari...
Accidently sold 2 Items Ilvl 370 and 390... this is realy frustrating...
Hello everybody,

This is currently being looked into.

Kind regards

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