Are the shaman buffs in?

The mana cost of healing surge looks unchanged, so does the healing. Anyone can 100% confirm they're in?
I know an Ele Shaman was near the top of the damage meters when Asmongold ran Uldir lastnight, after the US reset.
Tooltips doesnt get updated with hotfixes, needs a patch.
what ever changed ... not resto :(
It looks fine for me, before the patch HS cost 4k mana, now it costs 3,8k instead.
Resto healing feels alot better now since hotfix imo...
Spammed some lightning bolts and chain last night. Did the same just a few minutes ago, didn't notice a difference. Numbers were the same.
Healing output was a bit better and I was not OOM as fast , but my main problem is still there, my casts are still so slow that our Druid and Holy Priest have healed most of it already by the time I get mine off... :(

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