Why... What.


Why is lightning bolt damage being cut in half by respeccing to elemental instead of being resto? Seriously?
Tooltip isnt updated
04/10/2018 16:19Posted by Snagrim
Tooltip isnt updated

Really? Because on tuesday it showed 2700ish for my lightning bolt and I doubt the gear I've gotten since then would have increased it this much.

edit: Just went out to shoot at mobs:

Your Lightning Bolt hit Mountain Doe 3,362 Nature.

Seems the tooltip is correct to me.
It is correct, Lighting Bolt does more dmg as resto, what a joke...
Also, it's more than half
it is because Blizzard wants elemental to be the weakest. They take a lot of pride in this.

They buffed it by 15% but they make sure it is always 50% under than the resto spec.
remember the days when healers were supports and not dmg dealers? ...
the actual reasoning is called Elemental Overload
Combined with the insentive to give healers a better scaling to make people actually play a healer and be capable to doing world quests and stuff

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