<Rome in a Day> (3/8M, 8/8H) 2 nights/week LFM

Rome in a Day is a mature, friendly raiding guild, we raid two nights a week. Despite not aiming for cutting edge, we have consistently been one of the better performing 2 night raiding guilds on our server.

The guild was formed in 2009 with several members raiding with the guild since then. Whilst skill and independence are valued we also appreciate a friendly and positive attitude. This being the main reason Rome has maintained it's core roster. Successful applicants will find themselves welcomed into our community.

Raiding times

Raid nights: Monday, Thursday
Raid time: 20:30 - 00:00 Server Time

Our raid nights have been the same since WotLK and are not likely to change.

We appreciate that people have real lives and do not mind people missing the occasional raid so long as warning is given in advance.

To ensure that we always have enough people to do Mythic the raid team will consist of more than 20 people. This allows us to adjust to absences. As we can only take 20 people into a Mythic raid, when we are doing Mythic content, we will occasionally ask you to sit out. This is done in a fair manner such that no one person is forced to sit out each week.

We also organise an extra, non-mandatory night for clearing difficulties below the current progression where alts are welcome.

Our Needs
  • Any Ranged DPS (Especially Warlock, Shaman)
  • Even if your class is not listed, we will still consider your application

    Our Standards
  • Despite not attempting to be hardcore, we achieve good progress in each raid tier
  • Respect for the priorities of real life
  • A friendly guild and raiding atmosphere
  • Contact info
    Foo - Foo#2857
    Varinus - Gourmande#2101

    Apply at: http://riad.guildlaunch.com/

    For up to date progress
    Hi folks, we're still looking for a couple more DPS as above, any questions please ask
    Still searching for a couple more DPS players
    Still looking for 1-2 more DPS folks
    Still need a couple of DPS folks!
    G'huun hc down folks, wooo

    (still LF more dps)
    Hello, i'm a 370 retribution paladin with an OS protection spec (even though i do not play it much). I have cleared all HC raids and some mythic bosses, although not all of them, as my rotating work schedule does not allow for me to raid consistently, due to working the night shift. I would like to apply to your guild, hit me up if you're interested, thanks :)
    Holandija, my apologies for not replying I've been mega busy! You are welcome to apply and we can take it from there, unfortunately, you haven't left your bnet id for me to message you! Feel free to grab me on mine as above if needed.

    Still after 1-2 more DPS, now 2/8M
    Still after 1-2 more DPS, thanks
    Still after another couple of DPS!
    Still looking for DPS, especially ranged!
    Unfortunately, one of our tanks had to leave due to real life stuff - but this is good news for you tanks! Apply within!
    Still after more, just as an update we prefer DK, Monk or DH tank but will take exceptional apps from other classes
    tank spot filled, back to looking for DPS only, thanks!
    Still looking for DPS, thanks
    Still on the lookout for a couple of DPS, preferably ranged
    Still short 1-2 DPS, thanks
    Recruiting still open for DPS (preferably ranged), thanks
    Still after 1-2 more DPS thanks
    Still short 1-2 DPS, thanks

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