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The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade
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We're looking for more Mythic-ready raiders. Check the bottom of the page for recruitment needs and how to apply!

Who we is:

SHP is comprised of some of the illest killas you done ever seen. We're long-time bessie amigos based on The Maelstrom with our WoW experience stretching as far back as Vanilla. We play many different games together but consider WoW our 'main' game. We're former hardcore, balls-to-the-wall Heroic/Mythic raiders now adopting the life of the semi-casual.

For a more in depth look at our history please visit:
We strongly recommend you give that a read before applying.

What we're about:

SHP is all about that primo, high octane gaming experience while having Tons of Funs™. This means we play at a high level and blaze through content at a steady pace all the while plenty of uncensored trash-talking and bants is taking place on voice comms. We pride ourselves in being able to overcome any and all challenges while cracking wise.

But who are we looking for?

    Are you able to follow simple instructions such as 'Don't do that' or 'Don't stand in that !@#$' or 'Don't drop that big bad AOE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RAID'?

    Are you able to perform dexterous movements such as sidestepping big %^-*ing purple beams being casted in your direction?

    Are you able to perform complex mechanics such as pool soaking by standing COMPLETELY still?

    Do you often look at boss tactic videos and think to yourself 'Man aint nobody got time for any of that nonsense, I'll let the raid leaders spoonfeed me what to do'?

Then you might just be SHP material!
If none of the above applies to you but you're ranged DPS and you consistently parse orange on WCLogs then you are definitely SHP material!

But what can we offer you?

SHP can offer you raiding like you've never raided before. I'm talking high level play from highly skilled players proficient in both PvE and PvP. A mindset of continual self-improvement and an eye on a prize at the end of an ever-expanding horizon. Our members also regularly run high Mythic keystones to gear up alts or to hopefully get a sweet sweet Titanforged weapon.

But no matter how difficult the content, no matter how focused we get, it is always paired with a relaxed environment, sweet tunes from our dedicated music bot and the occasional sing-a-long on our Discord voice comms.

When do we do what we do?

We raid Wednesdays and Mondays from 20:00 till 23:30.
We also have an extra raid day at the start of a new tier on Saturdays which will convert to an optional alt-run after this period.




Current recruitment needs:
Mostly looking for good ranged DPS of any class and melee of a select few classes to round out our roster.

For our most up-to-date recruitment needs please visit our WoWProgress page:

You can drop an application at:
Are you looking a main Resto Shaman and future MW alter? 3/8 HC Item leve: 364.
I am sociable and I love to do M+!! and push hard even with my resto shaman!

Hey there buddy. Sorry for the late reply. Busy, busy, busy. You know how it is.

Anyway we sure are looking for possibly 1 more good healer. Add me on Bnet or join our Discord and tag one of the officers for a quick chat.

Also bump! Still looking for more good raiders. We've cleared Heroic and are 2/8 Mythic thanks to PUGs. Help us replace those PUGs and be part of something truly special.
Bump. Still looking for more people to move into Mythic. Need ranged DPS of any class and 1 more healer.
Looking for more Mythic-ready raiders. Check the WoWProgress page for recruitment needs.

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