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03/10/2018 15:20Posted by Verngard
03/10/2018 15:17Posted by Poly
Gelbin Mekkatorque.

Worry not, our beloved smaller races will get big focus soon.
Lor’Themar and Thalyssra.
I don't know her name but in the first world of warcraft cinematic there is an elf druid. Would like to know more about her. Just a new night elf character
03/10/2018 17:48Posted by Aerythlea
The tales of Elling Trias, and his life of subterfuge and mystery, before seemingly taking up the quiet life as a cheese maker in Stormwind City.

Nothing quiet about cutting cheese
Either andiun talking about how difficult it is to keep the alliance togather.
Giving us an insign of how hard it is to keep things running.
Aka make him more likeable.


Tyranda descriping in great detail how she is going to murder the horde in the most vicious way possible.
Garrosh, Nazgrim and the Dark shamans before the Alliance and Horde attack Orgrimmar
Smth about this goblin squad. They are so cool and greedy I would love to see them rob the stormwind bank, blowing half the city and their loot by accident (maybe malfunction or that must have and mever push red button)
A cinematic or cut scene of Tyrande Whisperwind ascending and becoming the Night Warrior would be epic ! considering Night Elves only appeared once ! and barely get the spotlight. 8.1 sounds like the right time to shine !
The murloc family from Legion. I never found out if the two murlocs in love, ever got married. I still lose sleep over that.
how about a cinematic where baine is fighting and becoming fatigued during the zuldazar raid , which then flashes back to where baine calls upon the spirit of cairne to give him guidance on what to do during these times of war and conflict , and baine then finding renewed purpose in his fathers words of wisdom , flash back to the present where baine fights on with renewed strength and he cries out cairne's old greeting and warcry "ish-ne-alo por-ah" followed by a bellowing "For the Horde" while he bashes an allaince warrior to the other side of zuldazar port
Gallywix! Bonus points if it also involves him suplexing Sylvanus through the War Council table. And a Mecha-T-Rex.
04/10/2018 01:41Posted by Pinchpenny
Gallywix! Bonus points if it also involves him suplexing Sylvanus through the War Council table. And a Mecha-T-Rex.

i can live with that
Edwin VanCleef and the uprising of Defias Brotherhood
Bolvar hands down, bring on Wrath of the Fire King.
03/10/2018 15:42Posted by Bukachu

I could cry.

Btw: give some love to the gnomes!
Of course this gets a blue post :'(
On topic: I'd like a whole expansion about the adventures of Bran or Hemet
Orgrimmar tabard vendor.
Anything with Night Elves in, they really never get shown in cinematics anymore, the thing that first drew me into Wow was that opening shot of the Nightelf running and then transforming to a cat. I rolled druid/nightelf as my first character because of that, but I have always been disappointed how little they show Nightelves since. Even in BFA cinematic you don`t get to see one in full, or speak, or feature for more that a second. We get to see a few archers in a brief back shot and that’s it.

I was really hoping for a cinematic based around the loss of the tree, more around the Night Elves reaction than Sylvanas motivations.
A Gnome fighting an Ogre. And some Vrykul on top of that. Those are three races I’d love to see in Blizzard’s cinematic. Also female Draenei and male Night Elf Druid.

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