[SOLVED] Pet Battle Intro Quests

Pet Battles
I've never really bothered with pet battles, but I like to give it a try now. I only lost the account wide quest, which I had in my quest-log for ages. With BfA there was a bug that erased all quests in your quest-log, including the account wide one.

Does anyone know where to pick it up again?
Ok, I found where I left off.

I haven't completed the quest from Cassandra Kaboom yet.

I went to Merda Stronghoof in Descolace, but I can't pick up this quest anymore.

Maybe I should open a GM Ticket.
Horde characters do Taming Kalimdor. Alliance characters do Taming Eastern Kingdoms.

It is confusing.

If you are on that Alliance mage, you need to check the EK tamers, not the Kalimfor ones.
Hmm, alright. Will see if I can pick up this quest again on my Horde.
Thanks a lot!

I was able to pick up the quest again!

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