Semi-hardcore returning player looking for a hub.

Twisting Nether
Hey y'all, I have just returned to BFA after a long break from Legion, and am currently looking for a dedicated PvE guild that aims to clear HC and possibly (preferred) Mythic, in the current and future tiers.

A little bit about me, I'm 21y old student from Bulgaria that has too much time on their hands and wastes that time playing video games. Lul.

I've years of previous experience, but I'll list a bunch of the previous tiers that I think would matter.

5/7 M EN.
<Guild disbanded, break from WoW>
Returned, 6/9 ToS.
11/11 M Antorus (Cutting Edge on 18/03/18)

I'm looking for a stress-free laid back environment and guild that is equally dedicated on their progess as am I.

My raiding times are very adjustable and flexible, as I an usually able to raid somewhere in between 18PM to 24 PM every night.

My bnet is -> Rav3n#22866, so feel free to add me there if you further seek to flesh out my application or if you've any questions.
Hi im interested in you for my new guild hc focused until we get 20+stable people for mythic if you are interested i added you on bnet my tag in Bonsey007#2642 :)

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