Glacial Spike Suggestion

2 changes I would like to see with this Spell are

  • Slower travel time to make the Shatter consistant at all ranges (smashing bf after GS to avoid latency issuses is awful)
  • Make GS castable at 4 Icicles. We can't add GS to the Spell Que after starting the 5th Frostbolt, and have to wait for the 5th one to complete witch just feels wierd
Im guesing youd like to see glacial gain a dmg buff from icicals but castable on 4 maybe even 3 so it pays to stack them icicals but you dont need to spam fb hoping for bf procs i like the idea +1 not that it need validation its a pritty solid idea but im sure there will be a flaw in the plan that atm im blind too but not to sure about the slower travel time tho, but maybe your right i doubt it would impact frosts fluidity
Change the whole Shatter/Winter's Chill mechanic, in my opinion. It's just terrible. It makes us fight the machine rather than the boss (I know, that's AI, too but you get my point :) ). Plus to get it right you have to spam GS at the end of the cast it gives me a freaking carpal tunnel I swear. Honestly worst Mage mechanics ever.

I'd love to see a simpler, more reliable "your GS is a guaranteed crit" kind of buff/talent/proc or something in its place. It's a top level talent, a very long cast (i.e. punished very hard by movement), has a requirement, etc. That's more than enough for limitations.
Glacial Spike > Flurry mechanic is poor design in my opinion.

How can someone think of having 2 high damage spells be so reliant on each other?

It's infuriating to have 3 icicles, getting Brain Freeze on 4th and a refresh on Brain Freeze on 5th, then do Glacial Spike followed by Flurry and don't get a brain Freeze for 10-15 Ice Bolts.

Ebon Bolt isn't helping either, that's a bandage on a gushing wound. Frozen Touch only adds a minuscule percentage to your luck. Tool tip for Frozen Touch is terrible misleading for people not knowing it only actually adds 5 and 3% to Brain Freeze and Fingers of Frost chances.

A fix could be that Frost Bolt has a 50% chance of generating an Icicle, making Flurry ready to use when Brain Freeze proc.
I agree the mechanic of how they have been doing been implementing the shatter of glacial spike it is very bad, hate spamming the flurry Flurry key under the very short time window you have to get it off before the glacial is fully casted. I get like 50% crit or less on may glacials now, dont understand why, before with even lower crit gear 80% of my glacials critted.

I tried Spamming flurry and also timing it pressing the key at the very end of the glacial spike cast and still getting the very same low crit on my glacials. Dropping very far down in the the dps meters in our raids because of this.

feels very frustrated not to get this working, can't not specc glacial as it is the best talent in that tier :(
Sadly for 8.1 no changes will be made to Glacial Spike.
Still my main annoyance with Frost spec.

Choosing Thermal Void feels like picking a half talent along side the Global Cooldown. Thermal Void extends your Icy Veins by 10 seconds and an additional 1 second every time you cast a frozen Ice Lance while it is active. With the GCD more than a second, the gained time is lost already.

Ray of Frost with it's long cooldown is very much prone to failure when sudden movement can happen.
28/10/2018 18:33Posted by Eightyfive
Sadly for 8.1 no changes will be made to Glacial Spike.

No changes made to anything, we get 5 yds extra on blizzard and a slight buff to an arcane azerite power and that's it.

Two specs that need a rework whilst the other has a number of janky mechanics that make you waste procs or lose dps if you're standing at a certain range.

Yet we get jack all in terms of changes.
I feel like a lower cooldown on Ebonbolt would help a lot with proc issues, other than that I don't think travel time or icicles need a change.
30/10/2018 01:53Posted by Snesy
I feel like a lower cooldown on Ebonbolt would help a lot with proc issues, other than that I don't think travel time or icicles need a change.

This, or make EB baseline and replace its talent with something useful that wouldn't matter since we'd be able to pick it up in addition to EB.
I'm really disappointed with the overall class design of mage this expansion.

We're left with the Legion skeleton design after stripping legendaries/artifact traits and received pretty much nothing in return.

There has been tons of amazing feedback from the start of BfA Alpha which pretty much fell on deaf ears.

Sadly, it doesn't look like there are any changes on the horizon.

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