Azerite gear and weekly chest.

This bad luck protection for Azerite can't be real... this is what the 4th weekly chest and still no Azerite gear drop. first two weeks: sure i'll get one next week but now it feels like a joke running around 365ilvl having a 340 helm, while guildies have 385 azerite gear.

its even worse not getting any Azerite gear from raid or world boss. hopefully Blizzard can address this as I've seen many more people complain about this. increase this ' bad luck protection' or make azerite gear drop from mythic + for one person per run.

(sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammar)
I'm trying to progress on mythic Vectis with a 340 ilvl chest.

So just keep in mind that there is always someone in a !@#$tier situation than you. It might help a little.
BS game...
count my kills in Uldir N/H i maybe got 3 pieces of loot out of 48 boss kills, rest of items were charity from guildies. from my m10 chest i looted downgrade barcers, after I got downgrade bracers from warfront 370 box. I am decent healer and I compensate subpar gear w some skill but i feel im not gonna be able to keep it up much longer. i am afraid i ll have to stop raiding bcz I lack LUCK not skill. just go and inspect my gear.
=( I am on the other side of this 3 chests I think it is and 3 pieces of azerite.... I mean come on that shouldn´t happen should it, granted I don´t do the higher lvls yet so I guess it doesnt really matter that much but still would be nice to get something else
Almost seems like those who get 1 piece end up with multiple and the others none... reminds me of legion legendary bad luck protection that blizz messed up...

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