[H] <Denied Completion> | 8/8H - 1/8M | 2 Days/Week

Twisting Nether
Denied Completion is a newly formed, semi-hardcore guild located on Twisting Nether EU looking to push cutting edge. We're looking for exceptional and dedicated players to join our raid team. Due to only raiding twice a week, we require a high attendance rate so that we may keep benching to a minimum.

We keep a fun and friendly raiding atmosphere whilst also maintaining a serious attitude when necessary.


  • Mage (Arcane, Frost)
  • Warlock (Affliction)
  • Druid (Balance)
  • Priest (Holy, Discipline)
  • Shaman (Restoration)
  • Monk (Mistweaver)
  • Hunter (Marksmanship)

Exceptional applicants will also be taken into consideration.

Raid Schedule
Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:00
Monday: 20:00 - 23:00

Each raid will include a 10 minute break.


  • High attendance (no fake dc when there's a wipe-night)
  • Team player (no drama over being benched)
  • Prepared (potions, enchants, food, flask etc)
  • Knowledge (your class, mechanics for raids and M+)
  • Working microphone
  • Mature attitude
  • Able to handle criticism



If you have any questions, feel free to add any of our officers on Battle.net:

Dystan - DnA#2240
Rotenivy - Flanze#2420
Remiix - Remix#21331
Sistermalt - Foobinz#21899
Looking for a raiding guild at the moment.
Played Vanilla to WOTLK. Returned over a month ago.
120 Demon Hunter / Warrior / Warlock.
Hey im a 7/8 HC raider currently, just from forming my own PUG groups.

5/8 Mythic from Antorus.

365 Assass Rogue equipped/ 368 unequipped.

I dont know if you need a Rogue, but please let me know if you do!
Hello, I am from a 8/8 HC guild where we cant progress mythic due to too few raiding members, searching for a new guild which already does some mythic progression. I currently main ret, but can try to do holy for raids, also have a balance druid 360 that is raid ready as well.

You can see my ret performance here, and if you're interested please contact me on discord. Russhhh#3953

Did play in a cutting edge guild in Legion Emerald Nightmare before we disbanded and I quit raiding mythic for the rest of the expansion. Looking to get CE for all tiers this exp.

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