Blizzard, Please wake up.

Please whoever reads this. Make sure it reaches someone. I know EU isnt exactly on the radar for Blizzard HQ, but I cant post over there.

I've played this game since beta in early 2005, I've seen it grow into a titan. And shrink into a shell of its former self.

I'll keep this short

1. Bring Back ALL enchants, gloves, cloaks, tailor thread, BS buckles, boots, bracers etc.

These things added value to professions, they allowed people to customize their stats further and it made for a better market and gameplay experiance.

2. Bring back PROPER gemslots and socket bonuses

Same as with enchants,this wasnt boring, or tedious. It was a nice part of gearing up, hell make more unique gems instead like "has a chance to poison enemy, Weapon only gem" or something.

3. Bring back tier bonuses

They didnt need to go, seriously. Not elaborating on this, but it was nice finally getting your tier together.

4. Bring back reforging

Holy hell this, so much this, also make secondary stats matter again, so many classes currently have no real difference between their stat priorities.

5. Remove Warforging/Titanforging

This just hurt the game more than it helped, it ensures that you never feel done. If you keep it, change it so that only gear outside of mythic+ and raids can warforge/titanforge.

6. Remove Azerite Gear, not next exp

This system is just hot garbage, I like the idea, and I see where they were going... But it just didnt work out, cut your loses, remove the system and change all azerite armor slots to normal items instead. Add some powercreep to the heart of Azeroth. We did fine without artifacts.

7. Bring back glyphs that matter.

This, give inscription some power back ... Make glyphs have two slots, cosmetic and enchancing, or just horizontal changes.

8. Take a GOOD hard look at MoP/Cataclysm.

Bring back abilities, bring back extensive spellbooks, bring back fluff skills with situational usage, hell add MORE situational !@#$ and giggle spells.

Take the Cataclysm talent trees and add them back in behind the current talents, just as carrot for leveling. Does it matter? No, but it makes leveling feel better.

Furthermore change the 100 talent line to 105 and bring in a 120 talent line as well that carries REAL powerful spells, just 3 real ultimate skills that you pick between.

Please, save WoW, it's doing alright, but it could be doing GREAT.

TLDR: Keeping it short was a lie. Have some cake.
They will not listen, unless you get many to unsub the game...
Just recently, they released a dumb mount with 180 days subtime.

Since, they knew and found out many are not subbing to the game due their disaster of an expansion that they failed to uphold their promise ( if this was free to play then it would have been fine). They are many games out there in the market that does better than wow offers currently.

In Legion, they did put alot of effort when WoD was a total failure for them because many unsub their game not by posting in forums and reddit. As blizzard just pretends to care with false promises and lies through their live Q&A.

Do the need full and unsub....
Never known another game dev that has such a loyal fanbase and yet the company treats the fanbase so suboptimally...

Why don't they just listen one bit to what players want? Players play their game, pay their bills. Why not make it so they enjoy it one bit?
Good points, personally, I'd like to see none of the crafting recipes become obsolete with the new expaansion. If someone wants to run around with enchant weapon crusader at 120, so what? it adds spice to the game
Also, there's no need to have LFR when normal exists, it's easy enough for even the most casual of guilds.
27/09/2018 03:57Posted by Taeldyn
1. Bring Back ALL enchants, gloves, cloaks, tailor thread, BS buckles, boots, bracers etc.

27/09/2018 03:57Posted by Taeldyn
2. Bring back PROPER gemslots and socket bonuses

27/09/2018 03:57Posted by Taeldyn
4. Bring back reforging

One of the reasons these were de-emphasized or removed was that they added too much hassle to what should otherwise be a simple process: Equipping a new item.

Take Uldir. Boss drops boots. What would you do? You'd Hearthstone back to Boralus. Take portal to Stormwind. Buy enchant and gem from Auction House. Visit Ethereal NPC to Reforge the boots. Accept summoning back to Uldir. Equip boots.

That's hassle. Players did complain about this in the past, that's why we are where we are today. Not saying Blizzard didn't take the fix too far, because I think they did, but it would be silly to go back to exactly how it used to be - you would just run into the same problems and complaints again then.

27/09/2018 03:57Posted by Taeldyn
3. Bring back tier bonuses

I wouldn't want that. Tier sets narrowed the item selection down heavily. Everyone had to reserve most of their item slots for tier pieces, because they were always the best.
So after 1-2 months of farming, everyone walked around in mostly the same gear.
Tier sets makes clones of us all.

I kind of like smaller set bonuses though, like the ring + trinket set in Waycrest Manor for example. I think it would be nice if Blizzard did more in that regard, rather than the elaborate tier sets with 6-8 pieces.

27/09/2018 03:57Posted by Taeldyn
5. Remove Warforging/Titanforging

I like it. Again, there's a reason why it exists. It adds longevity to the content, and makes it appealing and worthwhile to do for a longer time.

I remember in WotLK I got incredibly lucky in Naxxramas when my guild ran it the first few times. I basically got BiS within a few resets. That was awesome!....for a while. Then it started getting really annoying being dragged to Naxxramas each week when there wasn't anything there for me.

Warforged and Titanforged items ensure that looting a boss keeps being existing, even if you have already gotten all the items on the loot table. You might just get a cool Titanforge…

27/09/2018 03:57Posted by Taeldyn
6. Remove Azerite Gear, not next exp

That's obviously not going to happen.
First of all, then it's a core feature to the expansion. A lot of story is built around it, and the whole theme of Azerite would be greatly undermined if you removed the gameplay system it related to.
It's also silly to assume that everyone else dislikes Azerite gear much as you do. I don't think it's perfect or anything like that, but I also don't see how the game is made more enjoyable by cutting a big chunk of it away.
I also don't like Rogues in PvP. So can we delete them from the game as well? And how about Orgrimmar? I always disliked that place. Remove it?
Dumb. Suggesting to remove content from the game is rarely a recipe for success. It just makes the game less than it is.
27/09/2018 03:57Posted by Taeldyn
7. Bring back glyphs that matter.

Agree. Not sure why Blizzard stopped making glyphs (and even removed many of the existing ones). Seemed like such a great way to let players customize their characters a bit.
27/09/2018 03:57Posted by Taeldyn
8. Take a GOOD hard look at MoP/Cataclysm.

In fairness, WoW expansions aren't very different from each other. The recipe contains almost the exact same ingredients each time, so to speak. WoW is WoW regardless of whether it's called WotLK or MoP or Legion.

Anyway, it's easy to suggest more stuff that you want, but pretending that there's a bunch of WoW developers just standing over in a corner doing nothing, that's a bit blue-eyed.
Fact of the matter is that they're probably all working on patch 8.1 now, and most likely slowly starting up work on the next expansion as well.
So at the end of the day it's probably always a question of priority. What is most important to you? A new content patch with stuff to do? A new expansion within 2 years of the existing one? A systems patch that brings back some things from previous expansions?

The idea that you can have your cake and eat it too is unlikely. I for one would rather have Blizzard work on new raids, heritage armor, allied races, and so on - new things - rather than stuff from old expansions that I sort of have done before.
Oh look! It's this thread again with its list of removed and/or changed things from past expansions that at the time were also constantly qq'd over on the forums and demanded to be changed/removed HENCE their changes/removal.

27/09/2018 03:57Posted by Taeldyn
I've seen it grow into a titan. And shrink into a shell of its former self.

Speak for yourself. I'm enjoying BfA a lot.
27/09/2018 05:06Posted by Tymaar
Oh look! It's this thread again with its list of removed and/or changed things from past expansions that at the time were also constantly qq'd over on the forums and demanded to be changed/removed HENCE their changes/removal.

27/09/2018 03:57Posted by Taeldyn
I've seen it grow into a titan. And shrink into a shell of its former self.

Speak for yourself. I'm enjoying BfA a lot.

And here you are assuming Im not enjoying BFA. Fact is that WoW has shrunk and no it's not because MMOs fell out of flavor, it's because WoW removed alot of what made in enjoyable longer than 1-2 months after a patch.

Luckily I do alot of things outside of current content, so this isnt really a problem for me personally. This thread is more about me wanting to see the game get some health back.

Also, did you read the post made by a blue YESTERDAY that is basically "yeah we know the Azerite system isnt working out great, but we feel that we've fixed the balance issues for now"... I then go and look up values for Azerite traits and lo and behold, its the same 5 or 6 traits in the top and rarely ever is it a class trait. There are DPS traits worth 600% less than others, how is that even remotely functional?

If the traits where more even and I could actually chose a playstyle I enjoy and do well with, I'd have no complaints. But that isnt the case, it's also extremely hard to get decent Azerite pieces above 340 ilvl due to how rarely they drop.

Again, you're taking this hatred or dislike. It's neither, it's just me talking about stuff that has been removed that I honestly felt did more good than harm :P
27/09/2018 04:18Posted by Mervias
Why don't they just listen one bit to what players want?

Newsflash: Listening to what players want is exactly what brought the game to its current state in the first place.
Vote with you wallet, thats all I have to say.
Yes please!
They removed reforging because it was to confusing and they dont wanna players to look on 3rd party website,azerite armor is 100 times worst,you have to sim everything.
Also bring back profession not the garbage we have actually.
27/09/2018 14:09Posted by Qaren
27/09/2018 13:28Posted by Irongym
There are bugs and flawed systems in the game right now. Lots of people would prefer that Blizz acknowledges and works on those rather than offer subscription gimmicks.
Of course and they are working on them. I am pretty confident 8.1 will be a massive bug fixing patch.

Also I'm pretty sure the marketing department can put together a promotional deal by themselves without dragging Dave the raid encounter expert from his mancave to do it. :)

If they're working on fixing things then they're doing a poor job communicating it. They've only just publicly acknowledged that there are flaws with the Azerite system (in spite of those flaws being raised in beta) and they are still not commenting on some of the most regular complaints.

The promotional deal is fine in itself but it's being criticised because of the perceived indifference to actual in-game problems. It ends up looking like a sop to an angry fanbase in lieu of any meaningful fixes/changes.
I will agree with you on professions, as they stand they are almost pointless to have, not interesting and most have very little of any worth to make
Not currently worth the time and effort to level up.

And I would support having more gear with gem slots on, very few items in BFA have gem slots now, is actually hard to level an alt with the xp gem unless you keep back a piece of gear from legion because I have yet to see any levelling gear in BFA have a gem slot on it.

I don`t agree with most of the rest, I like WF and TF, it adds a reason to go do something for the chance of a better item, you should in an MMO always feel like you have some way to get better items, if you get to the point you have every upgrade possible the game has failed, because there is no reason for the player to play anymore.

The old talent system was not great, the only good thing was it offered the ability to make hybrid builds, but in the main you had to just go with the fixed route of talents, current talent system works fine.

Glyphs were a waste of time, they never worked, glad they got rid of them.

I don`t really have any issue with Azerite gear, would like it able to WF/TF just like other gear, and have a few more traits to choose from, + fix ones that don`t work that well, but they said they are working on it. I don`t feel any real need to grind AP in this expansion unlike in Legion where it was a constant grind which got worse as it went on, and made it almost impossible to switch specs without starting the grind all over again.

We don`t really need loads of spells that only get used once in a thousand times or never, people don`t use half the stuff they have as it is, a few giggle spells i`m not against but not really a game breaker to not have them.

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