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Twisting Nether
Hello Future Friends!!

<Drift> is a mythic oriented guild with experience from previous and current tiers. We are one of the rare 2-day raiding guilds with HC on the way to be cleared and mythic Taloc currently down.

We are looking for raiders who value the social aspect of the game whilst looking to progress current mythic content on a shorter schedule! If you find yourself wanting to raid but due to IRL commitments cannot commit to extended raiding days then we may be the guild for you!

We raid twice a week, Wed/Mon: 19:00-2300 CEST with the expectation that raid member be outside the raid ready to go at 18:45 (We do not add extra days for progress) We only raid twice a week with the optional off/alt raid.

While we have a relaxed scheduled, we expect our members to be properly prepared for each boss which means, flasks, food, runes etc. This is still mythic content, and although we massively value having fun over everything - we still want to get that progress!

What we can offer:

• A Great community with people of all ages and nationalities. (although we are an English speaking guild!)
• A chilled environment in which to progress mythic content but more importantly, have fun doing so!
• patient and co-operative team with everyone's mind set on the same goal
• Regular mythic+ groups running low-high keys
• A community that participates in all aspects of the game (PVP/M+/Even pet battles)
• Players old and new. So might even learn a thing or too!

What we require:

• considering it is only 2 days, near 100% attendance (although we understand RL does get in the way some times)
• previous or current tier mythic raiding experience
• Full knowledge of your class with the passion to improve in order to help benefit the raid team.
• ability to use discord, and be vocal/social
• Be able to take constructive criticism

Currently recruiting :

• Healer ( preferred holy paladin )
• Ranged DPS
• Melee applications are currently closed but we will always consider exceptional applicants.

** all classes are welcome to join our social rank in the guild **

If you are interested in joining our Guild or have any further questions feel free to apply in our website (https://www.guilded.gg/WoWDrift) or if you would like a quick chat before applying please contact Nairobi#2159 or Rafe#1655

Demon Hunter / Warrior looking for raiding guild.
Thanks for your interest. But we are currently full on melee.

We are currently in need of any excelling Ranged dps.
bump for Uldir 12/12hc 2/8mythic

Still looking for ranged dps. Possibly a tank.
Still recruiting:

1/2 - ranged dps
1 - melee (warrior/dk pref)
1 healer
Zekvos down 3/8 mythic. Still looking for DPS/Healers. Apply at https://www.guilded.gg/WoWDrift We look forward to raiding with you.
Bump looking for exceptional melee dps, a mage/boomkin and possibly a tank.

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