[H] Warrior looking for semi-HC guild

Twisting Nether
my name is Leriok,
I am new on the server and looking for a semi-HC guild to raid during week or weekends (not saturday) and M+ dungeons. Three days of raiding is not a problem for me.
I killed 5/8 HC on my mage, but changed class and server due to the lack of people and out guild was not capable of doing more. My warrior dinged on 26.9.2018 which is a reason why my gear is that low(332), but working on it.

I am 25 years old guy from Slovakia with pretty fluent English. My WoW experience started in TBC and still continues.

I would love to provide more information in game.
If anybody interested just add and /w me. (Zapijatko#2331)


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