(H) 3 Friends Looking For Raiding Guild (Tarren Mill)

Looking for Players – PvE
Following the disbanding of our previous Alliance guild, there are 3 of us here looking for a new home. We are all 7/8 Heroic and 1/8 Mythic and would like a guild with similar progression, looking to progress further into Mythic.

We are currently Alliance (on Silvermoon), but will be shortly to transferring to Horde on Tarren Mill.

Character details as follows;

Kinnéas - Holy Paladin 372 ilvl
Shaaquira - Rogue (all specs) 370 ilvl
Vansinnîg - Druid 369 Balance/Resto

Happy to chat further with anyone interested in taking us in, either on here or over Battle.net - Dincht04#2586, Adzee#2939, Jesper#22354.
Hey there dude! Different server so not sure how well that would sit with you guys but there's a lot of stuff you're saying/asking for that resonates with a lot of the stuff we're asking for, so always worth a punt at the end of the day, but going to drop the recruitment message and see if we can have a talk later on. if what we're asking for is a bit to far out, it's no worries, I hope the best for your search and hopefully you guys end up where you want to be!

Were recruiting boomie&rogue but dunno about holy paladin, maybe if u went ret pala but Im guessing ur not interested then :)
Hi Kinnéas,

What you have said above sounds fantastic and exactly what we are looking for in <Openly Hostile>, the details for our guild can be found in the link below:


Kind regards,
Hi there,

All your classes are very much needed within our guild!


Add me on Bnet zrongEH#2164 for any info :)

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