Holy Priest LF Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
362 Holy Priest LF guild that raids between 19.00ST - 21.30 ST or 22.00 Onwards.

I have 6/8 HC experience.
Hey Eo,

we would love to have you with us. Check us out and if you are interested sign up :)

Hey Éo,

Wouldn't mind having a chat.

Can you give me a shout on Discord benathon#5103

Hey there,

Check below and let me know!


Many thanks
In case you want to be part of new guild currently being build to run mythic raids with, add me for a chat CrazyCatLady#21194,
We have not yet started with raids but minimum requirement 6/8hc, while being in process of negotiation with several people who are already doing light mythic like 1-2/8.

Team Two is a PVE focused guild we are 6/8 HC and our aim is to clear the highest level of content we can and - of course - to have fun doing so!

We can offer you a relaxed, friendly raiding environment, members who love to run mythic+ and an active discord server. We have a good sense of community and we hope all of our members join in with that.

We raid two days a week, Wednesday and Thursday starting at 2100 server time until 0000 server time.

Our aim is to continue to gather a strong roster of quality players that fit with our community going in to BFA. We have plenty of active players still getting involved in raids, mythic+, achievement runs and all kinds of content.

We are currently recruiting:

Healer & DPS - Apply at the link below!

Hey Eo,

You may be interested in the below:

<Primordial Flame> (7/8HC) is a new Horde guild based on Shadowsong/Aszune (EU) looking to fill gaps in our Raiding roster as we progress into Mythic Uldir.

Currently Recruiting:

Healers - All Classes considered
Ranged DPS.
All classes can apply and are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Our current raid schedule is 7pm - 11pm UK time (8pm - 12am Server Time) on Thursday & Saturday.

Please contact myself or one of the officers for further details. Add EIDOLON#21568

Upon further contact, I shall send you an invite to the Discord where we can discuss further.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

You can find our Guild here: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/shadowsong/Primordial+Flame
Guild name:Coup de Grâce
Faction: Alliance
Realm: Terenas/Emeralddream
Type of content: Normal/Heroic/Mythic Raids • Mythic+ •
Raid days: Thursday/Sunday 20:00-23:00 (Server time)

just a little story about the guild.
we are a newly formed guild by five friends that played in a casual guild but wanted a bigger challenge.
We formed this guild to push Heroic and after that we wanne give a shot at Mythic.

What we expect from you:
That you are ready to raid 2 days a week.
You bring your own food/flasks/pots or contribute to the guild bank.
Be on time for raids invites start 15min before raid time.
Know tactics and be ready to push the bosses.
Have discord and a mic that works.
We prefer that you can talk/understand english.

What you can expect from us:
A fun and helpfull Comunnity.
A nice raiding enviorment.
And alot of content.

if you want a chat you can send me a message on battle net or on discord
battle.net: Prontotov#2201
discord: prontotov#7340
Hi Éo, our holy priest has recently gone mia, so may have a spot for you.

We are <AnV> of Frostmane, we are a laid-back and friendly guild that only raid 6 hours per week - between 22.00 - 0.00 server time, Mon/Weds/Thurs.
Currently at 7/8 heroic.
For more info add me @ hellykins#2114
or check our website http://www.actaguild.org
Good luck

I am the recruitment officer of <Angry Infidels> Kazzak-Horde, we currently are a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for dedicated players who can be part of our core mythic team and progress with us throughout Uldir and future upcoming content.

Current Progress:
Heroic Uldir 8/8
Mythic Uldir 1/8

Raid Timings:
Thursday 10 PM - 2 AM ST (Progress)
Friday 10 PM - 2 AM ST (Progress)
Sunday 10 PM - 2 AM ST (Social/alts)

Classes required:
Healer:Priest / Shaman / Monk
Range DPS: Hunter / Warlock / Shadow Priest / Mage

Please feel free to contact me through my battle tag: Fazzo#21129.
Yo Eo,
Comb of Sargeras are recruiting more for our raid teams!
We are currently 5/8HC raiding 8-11 Server Time on Tarren Mill
is our recruitment post

feel free to add me on bnet Willis#2645

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