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I am a little confused, when i enter Drustvar it is very very laggy to a point of almost unplayable yet my latency is fine.

Strange thing is the enemies don't seem to suffer with lag when trying to kill me but i do when trying to kill them, the casting time is almost doubled, i don't even pick things up anymore in Drustvar as it takes ages to loot the item.

Other areas are fine...ish compared to Drustvar.

All the best

i'm having this issue as well i enter Drustvar and then head to Corlain and soon as i am there my fps drops to 10 without any addons impossible to do the WQ there do to that and the zone has up to 10 sec delay on everything i do so i just logd out no point in playing when the game is like this
Same problem @Mazrigos
Please add your comments re lag and play ability of BGF zones to here:-


Once you become eligible for world quest, the server-side lag really kicks in. Drustvar is also top of my list of extremely bad lag zones. You are not alone! The problem is trying to get Blizz staff aware of this issue.
Gave up farming herbs yesterday thx to the lag. Took about 6 sec per node before the herb was in my bag. Dustvar is really bad compared to the other zones, for me at least.
Idd, same problems here.
Fix your game, Blizz!

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