EU gearstore back online: Too Late?

Me and various friends and acquaintances are happy that the EU gear store is back online after many years allowing us to buy apparel and plushies we had longed for for those years. At the same time we are saddened that it took so long that many of the products are no longer available..
Many friends and I agree is would be a good idea (if even possible) to restock in some of the past expansion apparel and or the plushies that are no longer available.
I know that me and my friends would all jump at the chance to buy something we long thought to be forever unavailable.

What do you guys think? Do you think it would be a good idea or not? Is there a specific item you long to have? Please discuss :)
They only brought it back to the EU to sell Overwatch merch!
I thought that something like that might have been the case..
26/09/2018 13:17Posted by Rhovanor
They only brought it back to the EU to sell Overwatch merch!

Something's not quite right with your fabulous mog.

The whole merch thing is probably because they produce it in limited amounts because let's face it, it's a flavour merch for select group of people, no point in mass producing. Probably better to have it limited and make sure that it sells out on that fact alone.

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