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Twisting Nether

So before i talk a little about myself ill quickly state what i'm looking for. I am not greatly active throughout the evening's, however i am very active during the day. Due to this i am looking for a daytime raiding guild, or atleast somewhere people are active in the day and want to push high keys.

So about me.

I got into playing wow during vanilla. although spent most of that time learning the game and leveling characters (never got into raiding). When TBC was released i had found a guild and spent the whole xpac raiding. These were the best gaming experiences i have ever had. Progressing as a group over time and having set goals is something i miss so much. I Cleared up to Sunwell, but had to stop raiding due to RL issues.

At the start of Wotlk i had to leave wow due to the RL issues. I returned in MoP and tried to reconnect with my guild (moved server from thunderhorn to twisting nether with them). However they decided to leave WoW to move on to other games. Since this point i have stuggled trying to find a home. For a long time i didnt have time to raid so eventually got bored and left WoW, always coming back with new content but not being involved in the thing i love.

Currently i have much more available time throughout the day and would love more than anything to find a guild to raid with.

If you have any questions or want to know more send me msg here or ingame.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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