Naga Portal Event Bug (Island Expedition)

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After using the Naga Portal, the Rare Tidemistress Mob is under the ground and can't be attacked. Got the event in different islands, always bugged.
Had the same problem today. It looks like you need to go down to get to the boss, but the road is blocked by energy barrier.
Can confirm - had the same problem 3x
Same happened to my two encounters with Naga portal - she's underground with no visible way to reach her.
To add, Two portal icons appeared for the Naga Invasion - one I could go through, to find the Tidemistress (and her snakes) at least a level down with the blocked corridor.
The other portal (some distance from the first) took it's queue from the Tidemistress, and was buried 30 yards down!
Whether one portal is meant to to take you to the lootable chests - unlike many rare spawn ones, these aren't locked til Boss is down, and the other takes you to the boss, I'm not sure.
Looks like this bug happen with the only npc- Tidemistress Vessana, had some runs when there was a diffirent npc in that portal and all fas fine. Mb even the murloc pet Coldlight Surfrunner which nobody ever seen is tied to this by some reason triggering only from Vessana in a portal.

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